Monday Morning Blues

This morning I woke up thinking I’v got to get back into my workout routine. So I got up and was getting ready when my dad says I’v got to run to the bank and get this pay order for him. I think ‘OK, I’l run to the bank, get this work done and maybe walk to my office. (My office is at a decent walking distance from the bank).

So I reach the bank and realise that the pay order can not be made due the some ‘technical difficulties’ which sometimes I think that all the banks have when you’r in a hurry.  I call my dad who talks to this bank guy and tries to explain him how it is highly important to get the pay order today but obviously it can’t be made. So I collect the forms and stuff and was about to leave when this fat aunty (I’m sorry aunty I don’t mean to be rude but you really were a couple of hundred kg’s overweight) steps on my foot and my poor toes are crushed.

I scream at the top of my voice in her ear and she realises what she has done.  “Sorry beta Sorry!” She says. “Koi baat nai aunty.” I reply smiling through gritted teeth.

“Beta lagi to nahi?” She asks showing concern. I could feel my toe swelling but all I could do was say “Nai aunty zyada nai…”.

And with that I tried to walk away from there as fast as I could. Since I could barely walk (There goes all the workout planning*sigh*) I took a rickshaw to reach office all the time muttering something to myself, much to the amazement of the rickshaw puller.

Could there be a worse start to this week?!?!?


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