The Weekend!

I desperately wait for Saturday night every week. No, I don’t party. I work with my dad so I’m stuck in office six days a week. 8 ‘o clock on a Saturday  evening is bliss for me because that’s when I finally get to go home and not think about work for the next 24 hours.

I totally envy people who have to work five days a week. They probably don’t know the effort it takes for people like us to get up on Saturday morning and go to work.

But this time I got a break bang in the middle of the week, thanks to independence day. Oh! the joy of waking up on a weekday and not thinking of rushing to office! And what a day it was. Shopping in the morning with my sister and then kite flying!

I have absolutely no idea about flying kites. I’v tried my hand at it but I always ended with bleeding fingers. (Damn the plastic manja!) When we were young, my dad used to fly kites with us on our terrace. But now my parents feel we are grown up enough and they just need to relax on the national holiday! It seems that the spirit of independence is lost when you have two grown up daughters! *sigh*

So this time me and my sister went to my friends place. He was the only one amongst us all who knows how to fly a kite. And the joy of you feel when somebody says “Arey! Peche lada is patang se” and “Aaaiiiboooo” is priceless!! 🙂 I just clicked pictures all day while my friend and my sister were flying kites. For background music we had a drunk neighbour who kept screaming something in a mike which I hope was English but I really can’t say.  😛

All in all it was a super fun day!  Yes the sun was out trying to blind us at some point despite the clouds. And then there was rain which just kept playing hide and seek with us! And finally the wind which just would not blow the moment we picked up a kite!! But all these together made a perfect independence day for us. 🙂


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