Life Without A Mobile Phone

Mobile 2

From the past few days, work has been pretty hectic in office. And since I’m the least productive person there, my dad has pulled up his socks to make sure that I work hard this month, even if that means that I have to be completely tortured with balance sheets which to me appear as if they’ve been written in Chinese! (Yeah! Even though I’m a commerce graduate, a balance sheet freaks the hell out of me).

Therefore, I was specifically asked to switch off my phone and put it away! *shock*  *gasp* *horror*

Imagine life without your beloved phone! It was like asking me to stop breathing! I mean I hardly use my phone in office but it’s still in front of my eye’s and I can any time pick it up and see what’s going on in the world! But with my phone being switched off it was like being left on an isolated island on a different planet!

I tried to argue but obviously my arguments were not considered worthy of being heard 😦 . So I put my phone on silent and kept in my bag.( I could not switch it off. People would have thought I’m dead!)

For the first couple of hours, I was on the edge of my seat wondering if anyone pinged me or called me. I did cheat a little when I found out my friend was sick and I called to check if he was fine. The next two hours I was relatively calm. And after that, I totally forgot about my phone because I was literally neck deep in work. We went home really late last night and I just crashed into my bed without even changing because I so tired!!!

And now, before writing this post I realised that it’s been 24 hours since I last checked my phone and I’m not freaking out any more. That’s also because Iv been logged in on Facebook and Twitter on my PC but still!

Mobile 1

Earlier, like everybody around me, I used to think that life without my phone would be impossible. just the thought of not being constantly in touch through my phone would drive me crazy! But now, after a complete day of not using my phone, I realise I have actually worked without being disturbed or by thinking whether or not my Phone is ringing.

Yes, mobile phones are blessing for everybody. It had changed the way of life for the everybody around the world. But we are increasingly becoming dependent upon these devices. Numerous applications have made sure that everything we do, it’s on our phone.  Be it workout, cooking, reading etc. You name it and the mobile company’s have it.

However, it is a reality that advantages and disadvantages are like both sides of a coin, so as any other thing, mobile phone also has some downsides. For example, people are going to face some diseases which come from using mobile phones like deaf and loud-noise syndrome. On the other hands, people are losing ability of face- to-face communication.

So yeah, mobiles are an important part of our lives, but lets not be so dependent on it that losing it would be equivalent to having a heart attack! 😛

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