The Future Of Shopping

Shopping is a luxury for any girl. Every time I look at a dress or a pair of killer heels on-line, my heart craves for a few more zero’s at the end of my bank balance. Shopping today for me is ordering stuff on-line and blissfully waiting for it to be delivered. My mom though has a hard time trying to figure out how I end up shopping so much on-line when all the time I crib and cry about not having money! 🙂


On-line shopping has made life so much easier for people like us who have to park their butts on their office seat for six days a week and on a Sunday are too lazy to go to a mall and indulge in retail therapy. 😦 It’s only been a decade since the on-line revolution came around and already the E-Commerce sites are fighting for the top spot.

My mom says there weren’t so many shops when she was my age. They had  limited variety when it came to shopping. But we have endless stores around us and then all these on line shopping sites! And still people like me end up being grumpy because I can’t find that perfect shirt to with my yellow skirt in such a sea of options!!

So if on line shopping is the source of our calm existence, what would our future generations do?

From what I can think of is, the answer is robots. The way all these sceintists are going on and on about how robots would take over the planet, I believe by 2030, we all would have our very own personal robot( Like we have a personal computer).

Hmm… let’s see, I’l maybe call my robot Robbie. And I’l programme him to love and understand my choice of dressing.


Robbie would be responsible for making sure I find the perfect shirt or skirt or heels or accessories.  All I need to do is show him the shirt I have and ask him to find out the best possible jeans that would go with it and it should be within my budget.

Robbie would then start searching all the possible options available for me on a giant digital wall in my room which would resemble a LED screen only much bigger. After zeroing on all the options that he finds from world over, he would create images of my wearing every article of clothing he finds so that I can decide which one looks best of me. of course Robbie would help me in deciding on what looks best!! 😀


Robbie would then connect to the robot of the seller of that jeans, who would then within minutes deliver me my package through a super sonic helicopter (Because the roads by then would be so choked of cars, we would all have helicopters and personal air planes for travel 😛 )

The payment would be made through Robbie who would on ensuring that I’m satisfied with the product transfer the virtual money from my personal bank that he handles himself! The physical notes for currency would be a thing of the past as there would hardly be enough tress to make any more paper! The oxygen itself would be scientifically made for us to breath!

And all I would have to do is make sure Robbie’s battery is well charged, because after helping me shop he also has to cook dinner!!!

*snaps back into reality*

Yeah….rather too far fetched, but that’s what I think would really happen in 2030. Imagine just sitting and relaxing on your bean bag while your “Robbie” does stuff for you…. *dreamy face*  🙂

Even if this is not exactly what happens, I’m pretty sure it would be something like this. Personal robots who do everything for you. All you need to do is programme them so that everything is done exactly how you want it. And they would make sure every detail is taken care of. 🙂


                                                                                                                                                                                                      This post is written in association with  indiblogger and for the contest “The future of shopping”. For more details look no further than


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