The Sagittarius Saga



I’v never really believed in the concept of zodiacs and sun signs. I just can not understand how can a person behave in a certain manner just because he or she was born in a certain month of a year! Nevertheless I’v always enjoyed reading all the horoscopes and stuff in the morning newspaper and laughing at the end of the day when I realise that my day had been exactly the opposite of what my horoscope claimed!

So today, when I was browsing the internet, I came across this article “Things to Know About Sagittarius Woman”. I obviously had to read this. I’m a Sagittarius woman and I really wanted to know what these “zodiac people” thought about me. And here’s what I think of the “facts” that were mentioned in the article.

The article started like this- Light hearted Sagittarius is the happy optimist of the zodiac. Fun, loving, and always high-spirited, Sagittarians add a wonderful dose of positive energy to any environment. For those born under this astrological sign, the glass is eternally half full. (OK, this is false when it comes to me. There have been many situations when I’v looked at the glass and felt like throwing it on someone’s face because it’s half empty!) 😛

1. Sagittarius woman are said to be drawn towards travel and philosophy.

My Views- Travel, yes. Philosophy, not really. Yes, I absolutely love to travel. I just can not stay at the same place for long. I need to go out and explore new places. And when you say philosophy, I just……..*doses off to sleep*.


2.  Sagittarians are said to be highly intelligent.

My Views- False. I don’t know about other’s, but I’m miles away from what is intelligent. A simple balance sheet is enough to drive me bonkers, let alone anything that would require the functioning of my ‘leave-me-alone-I-don’t-want-to-work’ brain.



3. Sagittarius women are often very successful at what they try to do.

My Views- This is completely false when it comes to me. I’v tried to understand calculus and trigonometry for years but I still can not make out head or tail of it. Also, I’v tried a lot but I just can not get the hang of riding a bike. The gears just fluster me to no end. Flying a kite is also included in this list. And believe me I’v tried hard to learn these things but I just can’t get them!


4. Sagittarius women are often oblivious to how their words effect or hurt others.

My Views- True. I can be brutally honest. I lack the art of diplomacy when something irritates me and I just end up hurting the sensitive kind of people.


5A sense of freedom is extremely important to Sagittarius women.

My Views- Absolutely true. I totally need to have independence and the ability to maintain my personal space in any relationship. I cannot be and most definitely don’t want to be tamed.


6. Sagittarius women are idealistic.

My Views- True. I fall in love quickly and easily disappoint.


7. Sagittarius women have very energetic natures.

My Views- True. I can not sit still. I love being on the go all the time. If you believe these ‘zodiac people’, they say it’s because of the ruling element of Sagittarius i.e. fire! I don’t know whether to believe this or not!


8. A Sagittarius woman, if moody or depressed would hide this side of themselves from the rest of the world.

My Views- Partially correct. I hide my bad moods from the rest of the world but the person who causes that bad mood usually ends up feeling the wrath of my anger.


9. To a Sagittarius woman, laughter is the root of all things.

My Views- True. For me, no problem or situation is too serious for laughter. 🙂





2 thoughts on “The Sagittarius Saga

  1. Have you ever entered in your exact time of birth and birthplace into a site that determines exactly where the planets, sun, and stars are when you were brought into the world? They are every interesting, and you can learn about your own personal traits that are assumed correct for someone born at that time in that place. I bring this up because there is a lot more to these “predictions” than most of us know. Just like each human is different from the next, so are traits and personality characteristics, but it’s not really surprising that people who share the same zodiac signs are more alike than others. Anyway, I believe that what makes each of us different than one another happens when we take our first breath of oxygen from the world; a sort of cosmic spark, so-to-speak. But if you do a little research, you may be surprised by what you find.


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