Breaking Norms

Recently I saw this beautiful advertisement by Tanishq, a leading jewellery brand. And for the first time, I was struck by how beautifully the brand had handled two issue that unfortunately are still not openly accepted in India. 

The first issue is the remarriage of a single mother. Though with time, there has been awareness created in the country and the educated class is accepting single mom’s and encouraging their re-marriage, the backward and uneducated class is unfortunately still rigid in their ways. For them re-marriage of a woman, and that too a woman with a child is considered a taboo. Education alone can change the mindset of people. But that too is only possible with the younger generation. Unfortunately the older generation refuses to let go of their obsolete and backward thinking. 

The second issue that Tanishq so beautifully took up was featuring a dusky woman in the advertisement. For the past few decades, major cosmetic and jewellery brands have been featuring fair skinned women in their advertisements and short films. There are fairness creams that claim to lighten your skin, thus creating a whole new concept of “Fairer is Better”. I am absolutely against any such brand which considers fair skin important in the life of a woman. Any person, with whatsoever skin colour is beautiful, and no amount of fairness creams and cosmetics can change a person from the inside. If you are beautiful inside, then that beauty shows on your face and nothing can beat that. I applaud Tanishq for breaking this horrible practise of featuring only fair women and embracing the fact that skin colour does not measure the beauty of a woman.

There is a link to the video below. I hope you like this advertisement as much as I did. 🙂






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