I Have To Write A Blog Post

 I have to write a blog post,

But I have no idea about what

Maybe I’l rant about bananas,

But I guess, maybe not

I could compose ode’s for my beloved,

But he still unknown

Now I realise how sad is my love my life,

And I’m still alone

Let me change the sad topic

And get on with something funny

Maybe about some spicy food,

Or my sudden craving for honey,

I could write about the economy

And the back breaking inflation

But I should just skip this point,

The readers already have enough tensions

I could tell you about my day today,

Let’s begin with dawn

I was deep in sleep then,

And I’m still stifling a yawn

I wore a nice sweater today,

Thinking I’l look pretty and fair

But the whole effort went down the drain,

Cause I forgot to shampoo my hair

OK, this is getting out of my hand,

I’m blabbing stupid stuff

I just wanted to write a post,

And it’s getting really tough

I just have to a find a topic,

Then sit back and write

By my mind is totally blank,

It’s giving me a fright

I could write about colours

The pretty orange, yellow and pink

I love all these colours,

Damn! That’s all I can think

My dad is saying I look funny

And I’m making faces like a ghost,

How do I tell him I’m frustrated

Cause I can’t write a decent blog post!




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