Happy Winter’s And A New Look


So Christmas is just around the corner and the entire world is gearing up for it. Unfortunately, Northern India is not so excited about Christmas because of a very little Christian population. Christmas fever her begins around 20th of December, is at it’s peak on the 24th and 25th (obviously) and cools down by 27th. So it’s actually just a 3-4 days deal here and people are more psyched about new year’s!  

I have a lot of relatives in USA and London and they are all raving on and on about how everyone is so excited about Christmas and there are tree’s that are decorated and it’s all festive.

Words can not describe how jealous I am because for some reason unknown to me, I love Christmas! And it kills me to see that Delhi is taking it so lightly. It’s a bigger deal in the south of India because of a greater Christian population there but here is all dull. 😦

And to top it all, an aunt of mine called from Virginia last night and said they just had a snowfall there! It’s not even foggy in Delhi till now and it’s snowing there! I want to sob uncontrollably but I control myself because I’m sitting in office and there is absolutely nothing I can do to make it snow here.

The only thing I can control is what I wear. So screw everyone, who does not care about Christmas. I’m going to dress up all festive in pretty red’s and look my winter best. 

Also I changed my blog’s theme and now I have a cute snowman up there which makes me smile. I love Christmas and I’m going to go all out and enjoy the season. 🙂

So a very happy winter’s everyone. Enjoy the festive season!!

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