Wedding Woes


 In India, wedding are a big thing. And when I say big, I mean really BIG. If any of you have ever in your life been to an Indian wedding, you’l know what I mean.

It’s the one time when the entire extended family comes together and just goes bonkers. There’s endless dancing and food. There are heavy silk Banarasi sari’s and the blingy gold and diamond jewellery flashed by over weight aunties who would forget the world and just get on the dance floor to break into an impromptu Bhangra. Though sometimes they just end up breaking the dance floor. Literally break it.

But my wedding woes began the day my friend called to invite me to her sister’s wedding. Don’t get me wrong. I am extremely happy for her. But the first thing that came to my mind was, “I don’t have any clothes for the wedding”.

Yes. That’s the only thing that get’s me panicked. For when it come to weddings, I have a closet full of nothing.

And it’s just not the actual wedding day I’m worried about. It’s the other 3 functions that are a compulsory part of any Indian wedding.

There is the ‘Mata ki Chowki”, “Mehendi“, and the “Sangeet” that you have to worry about.

So when I get a call from my best friend, who is also attending this wedding, I pour my heart in front of her, only to find that she is going through the same dilemma!

That is the reason we’r best friends. Our thinking matches at every level.

So we decide which functions we would be attending and then start listing out the clothes we can wear.

After like half an hour of discussion, we list down the possible clothes we can wear. And then we start trying them.

I take out sari number 1. It’s a pretty pink sari with a floral print all over it. It’s beautiful but not dressy enough to wear for a wedding.


Then come’s sari number 2. It’s a red number with a golden border. I could look super sexy in this one, but Iv misplaced the blouse and there’s no time to get a new one stitched.


Next comes a dark blue sari which my cousin had designed and is a really pretty thing. I try its blouse and I can barely get it hooked. And when I manage to hold my breath and suck in my stomach, to get into that blouse, I realise I can’t breathe!

It’s just short gasps for air. If I as much as take a deep breath, I’l burst out of it!

So I take a picture of this sari and send it to my bestie, mentally blessing the technology for letting us do this!

She approves and I keep this aside, mentally preparing to miraculously loose weight in the next 10 days so that I do justice to the sari.

Next come the jewellery and the shoes and the various beauty tasks that we need to go through before we come even close to being ready.

We find the best possible things that could match our outfits and then we fall headlong into the “healthy diet” programme. That is, no sweets, no oily stuff, no fried food, and minimum carbs.

We find videos on you tube that help us work out. And I don’t know about her, but I go crazy trying to get into shape even though I clearly know that it is not possible to do this in 10 days.

But hey! At least I’m trying!

So we hope we get through these 10 days and emerge as hot as Naomi Campbell. Too far fetched?? OK. Fine. We hope we look as hot as possible!!

And besides, We plan to just go and stuff our faces with awesome food and have crazy fun with our friend! And these 10 days of ordeal would be totally worth all that!

So here’s to the next 10 days of going crazy over work out, pretty clothes and accessories!

Cheers!!  😛

Picture- Clickaholicks

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