Relationships- The Long And Short Of It

“I mean, if the relationship can’t survive the long term, why on earth would it be worth my time and energy for the short term?” 

 Nicholas Sparks

We are living in times when being in a relationship for a long period is probably the biggest accomplishment of your life.
Gone are the days when lovers were ready to fight the world for their beloved’s. Now from what I’v seen is mostly drama and fighting which proves quite entertaining for other people. Most of us now have the ‘Commitment Phobia’.
I know there might be people out there madly in love, rolling their eye’s at me, but seriously, just listen to me.
You find someone you are attracted to. You gather all the gut’s it takes to ask them out for coffee. You meet for coffee and get to know about each other, only to find out you two think on the same lines and have so much in common. You decide to go on another date which ultimately leads to numerous other dates, and finally you two believe you two are in love.
The guy would try and make the girl happy at any cost. He would probably drive 10 kilometer’s in rain just to meet that girl. He would maybe stay away from his friends or ask them to be at their most decent behavior when they meet the girl. 
He would find her to be the most beautiful woman on earth. Willing to do anything to just make her smile.
She would take extra efforts to look pretty for him. Dress up in the best possible way and be totally stumped by this man who she believes is the one . She would find him Oh! so funny and so intelligent and emotionally available.
This would go on for like a couple of months where every color would look brighter, every song would be like it was written for you, and your life would seem like a movie!
But after this period passes, there come’s a time when they would start thinking as to why should you text the other person about your whereabouts every single time. And maybe it’s not important to send the picture of every food item you are about to have. Or why do you have to keep postponing the plan you made with your bff’s because your boyfriend/girlfriend has made the plan to watch this great movie.
The guy starts feeling that there is way too much pressure involved to keep the lady love happy and the girl finds it hard to believe that their boyfriend would rather sit at home and waste the entire day with his friends playing on his PSP rather than go out shopping with her!! Gasp! Shock! Horror!
The girl would cry her heart out to her best friend who would sympathize with her  and tell her that ‘all men are same’.
The guy would start thinking that his career needs way more attention and this is probably the best time in his life to focus on his future.
They would try and get things on track again. The girl would barely dress up and look pretty for him and he would shorten the time of their meetings.
Slowly both would end up arguing and fighting most of the times. They would find little little habits in each other which irritate the hell out of them. They try and change these habits and first gently and finally bluntly tell the other person as to how such shirt does not suit him or how her frankness is so embarrassing.
Nothing seems right but they still give one last and final chance to their relationship.
And when that also does not work, they break up and tell themselves that it was never meant to be and he/she was no more the person they fell in love with in the first place.
That is what happens most of the time. Not always, but yeah mostly. We are just not willing to give in the supreme amount of effort and patience it takes to make a relationship work and survive the test of time.
We are the ultra fast generation who wants everything laid down on a platter where we are not supposed to do any work and just enjoy being in the ‘honeymoon phase’ always.
But if there is anybody out there who is madly in love and are living that perfect life and have that perfect story, then this post was probably not for you.You guy’s have really found the one and believe me you guys make love seem real.

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