I was bored at home tonight so I was randomly going through YouTube when I found this video. I saw it and it struck me like a baseball bat on my face.

I mean it’s like everything I ever felt. This is the biggest reason why I turned out to be a tomboy. I always felt this really deep pain every time the guys said “Oh! You can’t play football. It’s not for girls. Go play house.”

And to prove them wrong, I always played with the boys. I dressed like them, talked like them, for a long time I sported a bob cut, and basically was a boy.

My parents never had any biases with me or my sister and we were encouraged to do anything we want. Obviously not anything, but yeah most of the stuff. They never said things like ‘You’r a girl so you should wear this dainty pink dress and sit prettily’. Rather whenever I told my dad that I wanted so and so thing from the boy’s section, he went with me and helped me find the correct size and a color that I liked.

This video is so correct! Why is being ‘like a girl’ used as an insult? Is it really that bad thing being a girl?

Weaker sex my foot. Being a girl gives me the option of wearing anything I want. I can dress like a girl as well as dress up like a boy. I can confidently walk into the boy’s section of any store and pick up anything that catches my fancy and wear it with elan.

How many boy’s can go to the girls section and pick up a sexy skirt and wear it?

Yes, boys are physically stronger. I’m not denying it. But to say that I’m weak just because I don’t have equivalent physical strength is absolutely baseless.

I’m not weak. I’m just not physically strong. Mess with me and I’l show you what weak is.

It took time but I’v accepted the fact that I don’t need to prove myself every time to every guy who thinks that I’m behaving ‘like a girl’.

When you say I’m behaving like a girl, it means I’m giving every thing I have to do the best I can.

And this video is a for every body who has at any point in his life thought that being a girl is being weak.

Yes I’m a girl, and I love behaving like one.



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