7 Drawbacks Of Working With My Dad

I started working with my dad soon after I finished school. I did my graduation side by side and my coming to office was considered as the best thing I could ever do by my family because it meant I was serious in life and would be inheriting my dad’s practice which he had set up after 25 years of hard work.

For me, it was torture. Not that I find it bad here but being with your dad under his nose all day long can be pretty torturous. Why you ask? Well I made a list….


1. I am always on job. ALWAYS. 24/7. I can’t just shut down your computer, put the files back in the cabinets and walk home thinking “I’m done for the day.” Oh! No sir. Because my boss goes back home with I. And I usually find myself discussing some annoying client’s balance sheet while trying to relax on the couch in my living room.

Point 1




2. I can’t take a casual leave. I can’t just call up at work and say that I’m taking the day off because my dog died, simply because my dad knows I never had a dog.


Point 2



3. I am always the last to get paid. Always.

It’s the last week of the month and I’m pretty much broke. But I console myself thinking that I’m due to get my pay check next week. But the next week comes and goes   without any check. I ask your dad for it and he say’s “Oh! Did I not give you your check? I’ll give it to you soon.” And soon usually means 5 days later.


Point 3



4. I have to be extra polite to the clients. Not because they are our clients and professionalism demands courtesy. But because I am the daughter of the boss in this office and that means I need to wish every god freaking person who enters our office with folded hands.


Point 4




5. The expectations are sky high. And not just the family expectations. The clients will come and sit for prolonged periods in the office after their work is done, discussing my future and how good, better or best it is that I’ve decided to join the family business. And all I can do is sit there while politely nodding, while in my head I’ve already thought of 107 ways by which I can kill this man.

Point 5



6. It takes a lifetime of crying and cribbing to get a raise. Literally.

Point 6



7. My dad never scolds any of his employees. Even if they make huge blunders. He just patiently explains them their fault. But if I forget to put a comma in some email he told me to write, all hell breaks loose.


Point 7



But everything said and done, I can’t deny the fact that there actually are quite a lot of advantages of working with my dad. I got the job without any interview. I walk in at 11:30 am while everybody is on their desks at 10. I wear anything I like to work. Well not anything, but yeah most of the stuff people would not wear to office, because it’s mah daddy’s office! But yeah, I still want to crib and rant about how bad it is here. 😛

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