About a year back, when I started this blog, my sole intention was to pen down all these random nonsense thoughts I get in my head. Even though I talk all day long to just anybody I find, I still had these things that I needed to share with someone.

So I started writing here making it an online diary of sorts. And not even for a moment did I think that somebody would actually read all the stuff I’m writing.

For me it was just a way to vent out my madness.

But over time I saw that my blog found followers who not only read what I’ve written but also send me their love in form of the comments and emails.

I cannot tell you guys how grateful I am to all of you. Just knowing that somebody out there is listening to me and not giving me judgmental looks is so therapeutic (Well even if you are then I can’t see it, so it’s ok).

Thank you so much for just being there and helping me remain sane.

I love you all so much!



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