The Healing Touch

For three days he had been watching her through this glass wall. Three days of praying and staring at her. She was hooked up to all these scary looking machines and tubes. An oxygen mask on her face gently helped her breathe.

Tears had run dry in these three days. His son had tried to take him home but he would never leave her alone like this. Never.

Their marriage was solemnized when they were both kids. He was 10 and she was 8. Child marriages were predominant then. Their families had been friends for generations and therefore it was considered appropriate that these two should be married.

At that age, a wedding ceremony was just a game for these two. New clothes, good food and gifts.  They had no idea that they were embarking on a journey that would make them partners for life.

His mother had told him that she would be staying with them and he would have to be nice to her as she was now his wife. At 10 years of age, the word ‘wife’ made no difference to him. He actually started disliking her for the fact that his mother was with this girl all day.

This girl was now responsible for bringing him food, cleaning his room and making sure that he got whatever he wanted. Small fights everyday slowly turned into a strong friendship, where they both stood up for each other.

In those days, girls were made to stay at home and learn how to run a household. He on the other hand was made to go to school. But every night when the family slept, these two crept into the kitchen and he taught her everything he had learned in school that day.

His mother knew what these two were up to, but never said anything, thinking that this was just a game for them.

Because of him, she learned how to read, write and do basic calculations.

And when he left for higher studies for, the separation made them both realize that the friendship had turned into love.

Her reading skills came to use when he wrote her letters, telling her about the city, the people, the crowd, and the tall buildings.

Through his letters she saw the world beyond their village. And when he finally came back after 6 long years, he took her with him to their new home in the city where he was an officer now.

Together they built a life that had its fair share of ups and downs. But they had stood together, drawing strength from each other’s presence.

And today, 58 years later, she was lying alone in that hospital bed, alone, while he was made to stand behind a glass wall.

The doctors finally allowed him to go inside her room. Tears running down his face, he went inside and sat on a stool by her bed.

“Wake up now, it’s been too long…”, he whispered in her ear. He took her hand and held it,  gently stroking and kissing her fingers, while he talked softly to her.

And finally, after three days of lying there in a comatose state, he saw a smile on her lips.



This Post has been written as a part of the #BringBackTheTouch by IndiBlogger.


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