Open Your Nearest Book To Page 82

So I came across this challenge for blogger’s which said, “Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.”

As it happened, the book lying on my table at that time was “Muslim Laws”. So I opened page 82 and the third sentence was “The Mughal emperor Akbar abandoned the path and decided to compromise with Hindu religion in order to safeguard the perpetuity of his dynasty.”

Though I was quite sure I could not write anything on this topic because even though I love the Mughal history, I didn’t want my blog post to be a history lesson on how Akbar married the Hindu Rajput princess ‘Jodhaa’ so that the Rajput’s and Mughal’s could live together in peace.

Then I thought I’ll write about their love story. How these two drastically different people were united in matrimony for political reasons fell in love and together built the strongest empire of the Mughal history.

But then I realized I’ll be basically writing the entire screenplay of the movie “Jodha-Akbar”.

So that idea too went down the drain.

Next I thought maybe I’ll write about why this line was in my book on muslim laws and what path exactly did Akbar abandon to safeguard the perpetuity of his dynasty. But for that I would have to go through that entire chapter and frankly, if I was in a mood for studying, why the hell would I open my laptop and write a blog post.

Actually that just makes me realize how I’ve been procrastinating about studying and now that my exams are fast approaching, I will like always end up studying hours before I finally head to the examination hall. Oh damn!

I guess that means I really need to get my head into this book and find out what the hell Akbar was did to make my life miserable 500 years after he died.

But hey! I do have a blog post, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with Akbar, his abandoned path, his compromise with the Hindu religion and the perpetuation of his dynasty.

At least I accomplished something today! 😛


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