Writer’s Block

Lately I’ve been going through the worst writer’s block. I have so much to say and write but there are just not enough words to bring all that out. I have tons of things I want to write about, but when I do sit down to write, my thoughts just fail to come down on paper.

Like I wanted to write about this trip I took a couple of weeks back. I was excited, anxious, nervous, happy, paranoid, control freak and what not. And yet when I sit down to write about it, all I can do is just go back down the memory lane and waste all my time laughing over the fun we had.

There are stories I wanted tell, the pictures I wanted to show, the experiences I wanted to share. But nothing comes out.

I wanted to write about how my city has been experiencing these really unexpected rains, bringing back the cold winds that had almost vanished for two days.

And how excited I am about Holi!! My most favorite festival is a few hours away and the adrenalin rush I’m feeling can’t be explained right now.

Which is very confusing because I’ve never had trouble expressing myself. I am usually very comfortable speaking out everything I have on my mind.

And it’s not like I don’t have a subject to talk about. I just don’t have words to express my thoughts.

I guess it’s because sometimes, it’s not important that I write everything out. Sometimes it’s more about feeling everything and just letting go.

Maybe these experiences were far too special and nothing I ever say can do justice to those memories


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. This has been happening a lot to me too lately. It’s very frustrating, since the ideas are there but the glue to put them all together is missing. Maybe it just takes some time for the ideas to ripen and they’ll come out when they’re ready 🙂 Enjoy Holi and good luck with your writing!


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