The Answer…(Part 2)

The Search                                                The Search…(Part 2)

The Gaze                                                   The Gaze…(Part 2)

Have We Met Before?                             Have We Met Before? (Part 2)

The Answer

“No”, He replied smiling. “But it seems like you recognize me.”

She was taken aback by his answer. His lips were smiling but she could see the darkness in his eyes. Darkness that was alluringly deep. And in those depths she saw the recognition.

There was no doubt that he recognised her as well. What she found astounding was that a 5 second glance had such an impact. Not only on her, but on him as well.

She smiled and shook her head. There was no use hiding it. They could go on playing games all night but the truth remained that they both remembered.

“Yes”, she replied laughing. “I have an uncanny ability to remember people who stare at me with a piercing gaze at random coffee houses.”

He laughed at her answer and her heart was left clinging on to those eyes that twinkled with his laughter.

“I’m sorry for that.” He replied. “I didn’t mean my gaze to be piercing. But your eyes seemed to love it anyways. Their gaze was locked with my eyes till the time you left”

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