Lets Talk!

Lets Talk



There is something really wrong with the world these days. I’m not saying it in the negative way. It’s just that people are really hooked up on the “what’s up” thing!

I mean it gets on your nerves! what’s up??? I don’t know….the ceiling? The sky? God?

There is a plethora of topics to talk about but all people want to know is what’s up. Have we really gotten so shallow that there is nothing we can talk about.  I too have had moments when all I could muster up was the lame what’s up but that happens when I see nothing coming from the other person. And believe me, 99.99% of the times I talk to somebody, there is this huge list of things I need to discuss. And the 0.01% of times I do ask what’s up, it usually means that I’m bored shit and there is nothing the other person is saying to make my mood better or give me food for thought.

If I hear a person say “Aur sunao” or “What’s up” more than 3 times while talking to me, I fake sleepiness or some very important work which had to be done ASAP!

I just can not bear to tell everything I have to say and hear an abrupt ‘OK bye’ from the other end because there was nothing that person had to tell me. Just sitting dumbly and making me do all the talking is lame!

Buck up and talk to me. It could be as boring as the how onions are good for your eyes to something as exciting as bungee jumping from the Eiffel Tower. Get it out of you. Bring out those thoughts. Make a move and start your story and I assure you there are people around who would happily join you and tell you their extremely scandalous funny stories as well!


PS: I just wanted to ramble because seriously there is nothing up!!!


One thought on “Lets Talk!

  1. nice observation and thought written well.. good message on pic used..but dont we actually know from whom to expect meaningful discussions, and who will be using fillers such as ‘whats up’?..
    reminds me of a scene in Tamsah movie where someone asks multiple times Ranbeer kapoor how are you? and when Ranbeer kapoor answers alot.. he said finally ‘jab sunna nahi hota to poochte kyun ho” 😀


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