The Hangover

So I usually don’t get drunk. I have a decent capacity to digest alcohol and the times I do get tipsy, I ensure that I call up my friends and blabber everything that I won’t have told them otherwise. Like the lovey dovey stuff that otherwise would be too cheesy for me.

But the thing is I don’t get drunk like I’m throwing up or passing out. In all my life, I’ve passed out twice. Literally. Once was at a friends wedding, and the other happened this weekend.

So our start up is finally hitting the floors and our team decided to go and chill for the weekend after working our asses off for the past one month without any break. We packed our bags, booked a bus, and stocked up the alcohol and went off happily playing music.

What started as a couple of shots, turned into full fledged gulps from the bottle. But that just made me happy high. Not drunk.

It was the next night when the champagne was popped and the countless vodka shots were distributed followed by the rum and coke and later on topped of with some tequila that yours truly saw the sun and the stars and the moon all at once.

The last thing I remember is throwing up in the bonfire (Yes, throwing up straight into the bonfire) and claiming that I was fine. And I assumed that it was all that happened. I threw up, my friends put me to bed I apologized repeatedly for making that damn mess and fell asleep for two hours. Two hours later I was up and about again with no hangover whatsoever. I swear to god not even a headache. That kinda bummed me out cause I was hoping for a complete blackout and all I got was a two hour nighty-night time.

Since we all had planned to just get drunk and be tipsy for the weekend, we all got into bed and happily slept way past breakfast.

But it was today when the hangover cleared, and the phones were checked, that the night that had passed started unfolding. And that too in the conference room, while we were prepping up for our meeting.

The dancing on the chairs, the pinching of cheeks, death stares to any damn to guy who tried to hit on us girls, the calls that were made and the exe’s and the crushes that were discussed all came out. Bits and pieces that all of us remembered.

After the initial shock that literally threw me off balance in my meeting, I was so happy that I literally aced all the presentations I gave today. I mean I know it was all so surprising but the revelations made me laugh like crazy. This was our first team outing and the stories that we now have from these two days are gonna make us remember this trip was years to come. Even as I type this I’m watching the drunk singing that my colleagues did that I managed to captured in my phone.

Sooooooooo, basically my valentines day became such a mystery that till now half the things are completely wiped out of our memories. We spent every spare minute trying to remember what all we did. And despite that, none of us could remember the exact things that happened that night. And trust me, we couldn’t be happier.

Also, we are planning our next trip. I can’t wait to pack my bags again.



PS: We took like 20 bottles of alcohol and forgot to pack a single bottle of water for our trip. And since it was a camping trip, the water was a scarce thing. So after throwing up like crazy, we literally gargled with coke that had been spiked with rum.




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