Don’t Let The Spark Die

There are times when life will make a U-turn from perfectly planned to completely Topsy-turvy! Like literally there’s a path in front of you but you can’t walk on it because there are like a million road blocks that just magically appeared overnight.

And then you realize that everything you had been doing all this time was basically an illusion and you start questioning if you really were worthy of being there.

Then comes the questions and constant self doubting and that sinking feeling of nothing going right.

So you pack your bags and literally leave everything behind and run away. Just so that you can get some time away and try and look at things differently. To get a little perspective.

And when you get away you switch off your phone. You stop talking to people. You basically just want that time for your own. Not because you don’t want people to talk to you. But you just want the silence to engulf you so that your mind gets the clarity that you were running after.

The hills, the fort, the lakeside, the road trips. You do it all.

And that is when you realize that what you were seeking was in front of you all the time. That all you wanted was the confidence back that you had been rocking all this time and it was right there just waiting for you to notice it.

But you had been looking for it in the wrong direction.

So get away from whatever you are doing. Leave that phone behind. Grab that bag and just leave.

Trust me. Sometimes its running away that will help you find the right way.


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