Let’s Get Rolling for 2018!

I have a thing where I always post a mandatory new year post. And this year has probably been the most fantastically stressed out year which gave me so many high points and so many panic attacks that it made be literally go bonkers! And I mean literally. I freaked out to an extent that it freaked out people around me. Both because I was happy and because I was angry.

2017 was the year that made so much difference to my life that I can’t begin thanking the universe to getting me here. It balanced out my life both personally and professionally.

I’ve had 13 trips in the last 12 months, I’ve successfully co-founded a business, I’ve been featured by numerous media houses, met my partner in crime, met so many new people, worked in Operation theaters, completed the project 365 where I clicked a picture every day, and most importantly became part of a very crazy journey.

I’ve also had major fights that made me question every damn thing I was doing and almost leave photography,  make peace with the fact that some people have just way too much ego for their own good, lost some very good friends and basically at times just wanted to pack a bag and run away.

But somewhere deep inside me I have a very deep gratitude for whatever happened to me this year. The stress of running a business is so real that it makes you see the real you. Also it makes you realize what a monster you can be when things don’t happen the way you planned them to be.

Honestly, 2017 has been the best year of my life. I’ve found what I had been looking for and I know 2018 is going to be better.

I have high hopes for the next year which I know is gonna be far more rocking than what I had! So here’s to a rocking and amazing 365 days!!!


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