Cold and Angry

I had always enjoyed blogging. Not that I was ever an avid blogger, but whatever I did I enjoyed.

So I was really bummed when I didn’t get enough time to write and vent out all my woes and tantrums like I used to. I tried to get back to it on a regular basis, but the lazy bum that I am, I just kept thinking of what I wanted to write but never managed to log in and get down to it.

So this year I had vowed to write at least one post every month, sort of like a throwback on every month. And since I really enjoyed the 365 project, i.e. clicking one picture every day, I am hoping I’l be able to do this as well.

So coming to January 2018. It was exactly like the title of this post. Cold and Angry. The winter that refused to leave and the anger that made it a point to stay with us for extended periods.

It started on a positive note, went on to become extremely irritating and ending up really really really angry.

It was like a bumpy road trip. You really wanted to reach your destination, but at times you just wanted to jump out of the car, kick it and walk away.

January has tested my patience to a limit I didn’t know I could take and made me realize just how low I can go on my self esteem. Trust me there were times when it was so bad that I didn’t have the courage or even the energy to defend myself.

I tried my best to be as happy as I could be but this month just did not cooperate! So I’m praying and doing everything in my power to ensure that the upcoming months treat me a little better. I mean come on!!! I didn’t do anything this bad to be treated like this!

So here’s to a better February and a thank you to January for annoying me so much that my favorite season became a reason for despair!

I sincerely hope the next month’s title is warm and romantic….

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