Blogging Challenge: Day7



4 Turn Off’s

1. “I will kill my daughter/son because they married for love” / “Abort this fetus because it’s a girl” / “Rapes happen because girls mingle with boys freely”/ “Divorce is a social stigma. You will have to live with your husband even if he treats you like shit.” / “Hindu’s and muslims are sworn enemies. They can never live peacefully together” – Basically all the nonsense that goes on in my country in the name of religion, or so called “Indian Values” or culture.

2. “Why are you so obsessed with reading novels? Isn’t it better if you read your curriculum books? Novels are just a waste of time.”- Seriously dude! If you don’t like reading novels then I pity you. You are missing out on something stunningly amazing.

3. “Photography is just a hobby. It can never become a profession. Especially for girls.”- Challenge Accepted.

4. Sandals with socks. They are a fashion disaster. If you ever come in front of me wearing it, I vow to make your life hell.

Blogging Challenge: Day 3


8 Ways to win my heart

1. Laugh. At me, with me, at yourself, at the world or at anything in general. If you can make me laugh and understand my jokes then I’m probably already swooning over you. I love people who are mature enough to understand  that life is tough and laughter is definitely the best medicine.

2. Feed me. I’m a complete foodie. And i’m not talking about elegant restaurants. If you introduce me to new cuisines or join me when I’m out to eat half the city’s street food, you’ll have a direct entry to my heart.

3. Don’t Show off your money. I’m least interested in your and your dad’s bank balance. I’ve got enough money of my own to live happily. Materialistic show off is my biggest turn off.

4. Let go of all the rigidity. I fail to understand people who have an unrealistic rigid approach towards life. Be it religion, food, education, lifestyle choices or even your favourite color! If you can’t be flexible in life, then I don’t think it’s ever going it’s going to work with me.

5. Understand my passions. I will always follow my heart even if it takes me to my doom. I believe that you should do everything your heart wants. If you love something, give it everything you have. If you can show that much respect for my passions and dreams, I promise to be a part of every struggle you ever have in your life.

6. Travel with me. I suffer from an extreme case of wanderlust. New places will always excite me. If you love travelling as much as I do, you already have my heart.

7. Be independent. I hate people who are clingy or dependent  on others for their happiness. You should be strong enough to take command of your life. It is important that you have your owns interests and dreams.

8. Challenge and inspire me. I love people who bring out the best in me. If you challenge and motivate me to do my best and help me become a better person, then you have all my attention.

Blogging Challenge: Day 2


Nine Things About Me

1. I love watching sitcoms. Especially Friends. If you understand what I mean when I say “It’s a moo point”, I like you.

2. I have a very short temper. When I’m angry, turn around, and run away in the opposite direction as fast as you can. If I control my anger with you, you are special for me.

3. I hate the color mustard. Can’t stand it. Not now. Not ever.

4. I love talking to myself. Even if somebody is talking to me, I’m usually holding a conversation in my head with myself. This is because I’m the only one who can understand my craziness.

5. Food is the one thing always on my mind . When I’m hungry, I think about food. After I’ve eaten, I start thinking about the next meal I’m going to have. From 5 star hotels to road side eateries with questionable hygiene standards, I can eat from anywhere as long as it interests my taste buds.

6. Photography is as important for me as breathing.

7. For somebody who can talk all day, I have trouble expressing my feeling. It takes immense effort from my side to tell somebody how I feel. Making a joke and changing the subject is my one talent which comes in handy in such situations.

8. My only aim in life is to be happy. I don’t care what profession I follow or what job I have. I just want to be happy. And for me happiness is not money, fame or riches.  For me it’s being at peace with myself.

9.  For a major part of my life I wanted to become a truck driver. Don’t ask me why. I guess it could be because I love to travel. And at that age I was fascinated with driving a truck around the country.