Blogging Challenge: Day 10



One Confession

I’m really not a confession type person. I would rather keep things a secret than scandalising or weirding out somebody. And since this is a public platform I have no idea what to confess. Because once I hit publish on this post, it going to stay on the internet forever. So there’s going to be no turning back from here.

So let’s just say this:  there has been a major change in my life. Something that I thought would never happen, And yet it is now really happening and I have no idea whether I should to be stumped into silence or jump around the city like a mad woman.

Go have fun with this!

And with this I officially complete my 10 day blogging challenge. I was thinking I would be bored by the third day but surprisingly I kept going. *pat’s herself on the back*

So here’s to many more such challenges and better writing.

Till next time…

Blogging Challenge: Day 9



2 smileys that describe my life right now

I don’t know what smileys would describe my life at this moment, but I’ve realised that my all time most used smileys are these two. I don’t remember a conversation where I haven’t used at least on of these.




Blogging Challenge: Day7



4 Turn Off’s

1. “I will kill my daughter/son because they married for love” / “Abort this fetus because it’s a girl” / “Rapes happen because girls mingle with boys freely”/ “Divorce is a social stigma. You will have to live with your husband even if he treats you like shit.” / “Hindu’s and muslims are sworn enemies. They can never live peacefully together” – Basically all the nonsense that goes on in my country in the name of religion, or so called “Indian Values” or culture.

2. “Why are you so obsessed with reading novels? Isn’t it better if you read your curriculum books? Novels are just a waste of time.”- Seriously dude! If you don’t like reading novels then I pity you. You are missing out on something stunningly amazing.

3. “Photography is just a hobby. It can never become a profession. Especially for girls.”- Challenge Accepted.

4. Sandals with socks. They are a fashion disaster. If you ever come in front of me wearing it, I vow to make your life hell.

Blogging Challenge: Day 6


5 People Who Mean A Lot to me (in no order whatsoever)

1. Suchita: My crazy bff and the source of my life’s entertainment. I plan to write a book on her life some day. It has some major drama, romance, fight sequences, struggles, glory and all the masala required for a block buster bollywood movie.

2. Sneha: My fashion adviser and the one person I am most proud of. She is the reason I make an effort to get ready, because when I’m standing next to someone who looks like she’s coming straight from a fashion shoot, I don’t want to look like a homeless beggar.

3. Mayank: My partner in crime and the reason of my being a part time photographer. Though there are times I hate him right down to his bones because he introduced me to Game Of Throne, I will always love him for ‘Friends’, ‘Big Bang Theory’, “Two and a half men’ and god know what all.

4. Bakul: My brother from another mother. He is the only person who completely understands my craziness. I know he is just one call away if I ever need him for absolutely anything. Also, he is the one person who shares my passion for awesome food.

5. The voices in my head: Yes yes, I know it’s not technically a ‘person’ but I gotta mention them. It’s because of them that I’m a little sane. Probably because they are always there with me, giving me advice and random tit bits to think about.



PS: I’ve kept out family for obvious reasons.

PPS: There are a lot more people than the above mentioned that mean the world to me.

PPPS: Sorry for so many ‘PS’s” 😛

Blogging Challenge: Day 5


Six Things I Wish I Had Never Done

1. Been so careless about my health. There have been times when I actually faced life threatening situations for a simple reason that I was super lazy about my general well being.

2. Binge eating everytime I see anything sweet. I swear I go bonkers every time I see a dessert or anything that’s sweet. I need to be physically pulled away from anything sugary because I attack it like a hungry wolf who hasn’t eaten in a week. That is the reason I always wear lose fitting clothes. I prefer hiding all the doughnuts and cakes and Kaju Katli that is deposited around my midriff.

3. Vented out my anger on random people. I have major anger issues and I’m trying really really really hard to get a control over it. Most of the time I end up screaming on my friends who had no role in my being angry. 😦

4. I wish I hadn’t gone absolutely crazy on online shopping. More than half the stuff I bought was absolutely useless for me.

5. Watched Game of Thrones. That show is now the bane of my existence. I can’t stop watching it because it’s awesome (Ironical? I know.) The mystery over Jon Snow is killing me. And now I gotta wait for a year before I find out what happens to him!!

6. Splurged on a pair of heels (Because they are totally gorgeous) only to realise later that they make me lose all sensation in my toes for days after I’ve worn them.


Blogging Challenge: Day 4


7 Things that cross my mind a lot

1. What should I eat. Food is always on my mind. Always. Even now, as I write this, all I can think about is fried chicken.

2. What am I doing with my life? People my age are getting married and I’m sitting here unable to decide what to have for lunch!  *panic attack* *eats ‘Amritsari Kulcha with extra butter’ to calm down* *Realize that I’m supposed to be eating healthy* *panic attack reloaded*

3. Online Shopping. I’m always browsing through online shopping sites on my phone. The fact that I hardly buy anything is another story.

4. Where the hell did I keep my earphones/shoes/phone/bag/eyeliner/……..? I’m the biggest scatterbrain you’ll ever meet. I have an uncanny talent of misplacing every goddamn thing I have.

5. “I really need to start working out. I’m bursting out of my jeans. I really can’t afford new clothes. Ok….I’m going to find out some fun workout routines on You Tube and follow them religiously” *Opens YouTube* “Ooooo….is that the recipe for achari murg? I’ve got to tell this to mom. Maybe we can have this on Sunday…Oh wait. I had to look for workout routines. Damn! I’ll do that from monday. Let me first save this recipe. ”

6. Travelling. At any given point of time I will have a complete holiday planned in my head for some exotic location. I suffer from an extreme case of wanderlust. Don’t be surprised if I start telling you my “Thing to do when I’m in Paris/Nice/Vegas/Sydney/Maldives/Tokyo/…..” list.

7.  Game of Thrones. This is just recent but Jon Snow is all I can think of. Even though he knew nothing. Literally nothing.

Blogging Challenge: Day 3


8 Ways to win my heart

1. Laugh. At me, with me, at yourself, at the world or at anything in general. If you can make me laugh and understand my jokes then I’m probably already swooning over you. I love people who are mature enough to understand  that life is tough and laughter is definitely the best medicine.

2. Feed me. I’m a complete foodie. And i’m not talking about elegant restaurants. If you introduce me to new cuisines or join me when I’m out to eat half the city’s street food, you’ll have a direct entry to my heart.

3. Don’t Show off your money. I’m least interested in your and your dad’s bank balance. I’ve got enough money of my own to live happily. Materialistic show off is my biggest turn off.

4. Let go of all the rigidity. I fail to understand people who have an unrealistic rigid approach towards life. Be it religion, food, education, lifestyle choices or even your favourite color! If you can’t be flexible in life, then I don’t think it’s ever going it’s going to work with me.

5. Understand my passions. I will always follow my heart even if it takes me to my doom. I believe that you should do everything your heart wants. If you love something, give it everything you have. If you can show that much respect for my passions and dreams, I promise to be a part of every struggle you ever have in your life.

6. Travel with me. I suffer from an extreme case of wanderlust. New places will always excite me. If you love travelling as much as I do, you already have my heart.

7. Be independent. I hate people who are clingy or dependent  on others for their happiness. You should be strong enough to take command of your life. It is important that you have your owns interests and dreams.

8. Challenge and inspire me. I love people who bring out the best in me. If you challenge and motivate me to do my best and help me become a better person, then you have all my attention.

Blogging Challenge: Day 2


Nine Things About Me

1. I love watching sitcoms. Especially Friends. If you understand what I mean when I say “It’s a moo point”, I like you.

2. I have a very short temper. When I’m angry, turn around, and run away in the opposite direction as fast as you can. If I control my anger with you, you are special for me.

3. I hate the color mustard. Can’t stand it. Not now. Not ever.

4. I love talking to myself. Even if somebody is talking to me, I’m usually holding a conversation in my head with myself. This is because I’m the only one who can understand my craziness.

5. Food is the one thing always on my mind . When I’m hungry, I think about food. After I’ve eaten, I start thinking about the next meal I’m going to have. From 5 star hotels to road side eateries with questionable hygiene standards, I can eat from anywhere as long as it interests my taste buds.

6. Photography is as important for me as breathing.

7. For somebody who can talk all day, I have trouble expressing my feeling. It takes immense effort from my side to tell somebody how I feel. Making a joke and changing the subject is my one talent which comes in handy in such situations.

8. My only aim in life is to be happy. I don’t care what profession I follow or what job I have. I just want to be happy. And for me happiness is not money, fame or riches.  For me it’s being at peace with myself.

9.  For a major part of my life I wanted to become a truck driver. Don’t ask me why. I guess it could be because I love to travel. And at that age I was fascinated with driving a truck around the country.




Blogging Challenge: Day 1


10 Things you want to say to 10 different people right now

1. I’m sorry if I hurt you. Someday you will understand why I had to do what I did.

2. Even if we don’t talk everyday or don’t meet for months, I would still be there for you when you need       me.

3. I know you care about me. But I need to think and decide about what to do about my life without                anybody’s interference.

4. The choices I made for my life were my decisions. I stand by them even if they were not exactly right          for me.

5. Life is too short to be worried about what happened in the past and what is going to happen in the             future. Let go of everything and enjoy this moment.

6. My criticism is for your benefit. Try and look beyond my harsh words.

7.  If your mind and your heart are in conflict then listen to your heart. You will never regret it.

8. Just tell me the secret to that glowing skin! I so envy you. (Just Kidding 😛 )

9. I’m so proud of you! Your patience and persistence has finally paid off.

10. I love you. So much. Forever and always.