1000 Weeks Of Falling In Love


Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge is a movie that every Indian has watched at least once. I on the other hand have watched it so many times that I’ve lost count, simply because it has everything a masala bollywood flick needs.

It has illogical scenes where the father is proud of his son who has failed the university exams, an entire family that moves to India from London within a matter of 24 hours with no consideration whatsoever to packing, visa’s and tickets. And since this movie is 19 years old, when there were no online bookings, I wonder how the hell they managed to pull this off.

Also, this movie has song sequences shot in breathtaking locations in the Switzerland which is like a Mecca for the Indians. I’m pretty sure that all Indians who can afford it, would visit Switzerland once before they die.

It has the heroine, Simran who wants to elope days before her forced arranged marriage but is stopped by the hero, Raj, because he would rather face her dictator dad and convince him to change his choice of son in law, making this movie a blockbuster. Yes it is completely impractical, but that is what you should expect from the majority of Indian movies. 😀

It is the longest running movie in the history of Indian cinema, completing 1000 weeks of successful run on 12th December 2014.

Yes, this movie is a mixture of romance, family drama, beautiful locations, comedy, customary songs, and illogical script. And all this makes it a classic Bollywood film.

Till date people flock to the ‘Maratha Mandir’ where this movie is screened and enjoy it just as much as they did about two decades back when it was first released.



I love everything about this movie, and I blame it for making my heart beat rise every time I see a “sarso ka Khet’ (Mustard field). That is because the heroine runs towards the love of her life in a mustard field surrounded by those bright yellow flowers.

And I fantasize about doing the same to the future love of my life at least once. And if he refuses, I’ll just have to tie him up to a pole and make him stand in the middle of the field while I run towards him. 😛

I might never be a romantic but this movie turned me into a filmy crazy girl who believes in the “Ja Simran, Jee Le Apni Zindagi” (Go live you life Simran) philosophy.