Tiny Little Treasures

When I was a little girl, I was what you call a hurricane child. I was always running here and there, banging into stuff and creating a storm everywhere. So it became highly important for my parents to channel my energies into something more constructive. They put me into basket ball, lawn tennis, skating and what not. But every time I came back home bruised and bleeding because I was a very aggressive player, so I always ended up either fighting with other kids.

While they tried all kinds of sports, dance lessons, piano lessons, and what not, what actually caught my fancy was stamp collection.

Those were days when people posted letters and the internet had not taken over. So every time a letter came, I rushed to get the stamp from it. It was not something I did everyday but it always fascinated me. Colorful little squares with pictures that were considered precious.

When I got a little older I understood what mint condition stamps are, first edition and limited stamps are. My dad bought me stamp album and some beautiful limited edition stamps to encourage me to continue the hobby.

Watching my dedication towards collecting stamps, my grandmother gave me a handful of coins. And not ordinary coins, but coins that were used in her youth and she had saved them over the years. Most of these are no more issued so they have become like a collector’s item now.

Over the years I got more coins at dirt cheap price from a dealer in Kurukshetra. The oldest coin I have is of the year 1835 when the British ruled India.

These hobbies were a big part of my life till the time video games and email took over. Once “Road Rash”, “Need For Speed” and “Tomb Raider” came, I forgot all about these precious little treasures I had. I did get stamps sometimes from different countries, but it was never a full blown passion like it used to be.

But now, as I write this post, I feel like I’ve neglected a part of my life. So I got down and searched my entire cupboard and found that old stamp album and a piggy bank where I kept those coins.

Going through them I felt so good! They are a part of my childhood and I shall forever be indebted to my dad and grandma for introducing me to these tiny little treasures.


PS:- I just ordered a limited edition “Flowers Of India” stamps collection from the philately department of the post office! Let’s get back to stamp collection! 😀

PPS:- I’m going to show off my riches to everybody now, so kindly bear with my pompousness. 😛

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.






The one on the left is the oldest coin in my collection. The two on the right are ‘One Quarter Anna’s’ from the year 1918 and 1912. They are pretty worn out and the picture’s couldn’t get the engraving clearly 😦




































Childhood Dreams



Childhood undoubtedly is the best time of our lives. The carefree days spent lazing around with homework being the biggest tension of life. The fights were over crayons, and the competitions were about who could jump the highest and touch a star.

I’v had my fair share of jumping and trying to catch a shooting star, so that I could make a wish. Because then the wish would obviously come as the star was with me and it had to give me what I wanted so that it could go back to the sky again!

Yeah, that was the logic that I used. And the wish was always the same. I wanted my own line of air crafts.

Back then the airfares were high and travelling by air was a luxury most middle class families could not afford. And since there was only ‘Air India’ back then, I wanted an ‘Air Urshita’ all for my self.

My school was near the airport and I could see planes flying outside my classroom all day. I’v waved to every plane that flew above thinking the people sitting in there would see me and would probably wave me back.   

By the time I reached 6 th grade, I had finalised how my plane would look from inside, what would be the colour schemes and I was thinking on the lines of getting my own airport!

As I grew up I realised how silly I was being. And as the time passed away, I forgot about the airline completely. 

But today, I sit in near the airport runway, and watch the planes taking off and landing, and I feel nostalgic. I had spent years wanting ‘Air Urshita’ and growing up took that away from me. Not that I haven’t thought of buying an airline now. I just need to earn millions or maybe marry a millionaire. Both of which seem to be impossible. (And now I realise that I could be looking like a security threat for parking my car here and staring at the airport for so long. :P)

I’l try my best to get this dream come true. And maybe someday, god willing there would be a “Air Urshita”.

So I sit here and wait for the night so that I can jump up high and maybe this time, I catch a shooting star.