Blogging Challenge: Day 4


7 Things that cross my mind a lot

1. What should I eat. Food is always on my mind. Always. Even now, as I write this, all I can think about is fried chicken.

2. What am I doing with my life? People my age are getting married and I’m sitting here unable to decide what to have for lunch!  *panic attack* *eats ‘Amritsari Kulcha with extra butter’ to calm down* *Realize that I’m supposed to be eating healthy* *panic attack reloaded*

3. Online Shopping. I’m always browsing through online shopping sites on my phone. The fact that I hardly buy anything is another story.

4. Where the hell did I keep my earphones/shoes/phone/bag/eyeliner/……..? I’m the biggest scatterbrain you’ll ever meet. I have an uncanny talent of misplacing every goddamn thing I have.

5. “I really need to start working out. I’m bursting out of my jeans. I really can’t afford new clothes. Ok….I’m going to find out some fun workout routines on You Tube and follow them religiously” *Opens YouTube* “Ooooo….is that the recipe for achari murg? I’ve got to tell this to mom. Maybe we can have this on Sunday…Oh wait. I had to look for workout routines. Damn! I’ll do that from monday. Let me first save this recipe. ”

6. Travelling. At any given point of time I will have a complete holiday planned in my head for some exotic location. I suffer from an extreme case of wanderlust. Don’t be surprised if I start telling you my “Thing to do when I’m in Paris/Nice/Vegas/Sydney/Maldives/Tokyo/…..” list.

7.  Game of Thrones. This is just recent but Jon Snow is all I can think of. Even though he knew nothing. Literally nothing.

Blogging Challenge

Lately I’ve been going through a major writer’s block. It’s like I have all these stories and ideas in my mind but nothing works when I try to pen them down. I tried taking a break and doing other random stuff to get inspiration but I just got a dead end.

So I’ve decided to do something different so as to get the creative juices flowing in my mind again. I stumbled upon this blogging challenge on Google and I thought of giving it a try. So starting Monday, I’ll be following this challenge for the next 10 days.

Let’s see how far I go before getting bored of this because frankly, I have the attention span of a fruit fly.   *Fingers Crossed*