The Wait

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A Balm For The Aching Heart


Rashi and I were lazing on her deck. A pitcher of lemonade by our side, we sat there admiring the beauty of the rain that cleansed the tress and made everything look so serene.

We both dozed off for a good half hour only to be woken by the sound of thunder.

I get up and stretch myself. Rashi has dozed off again but sleep eludes me now. I go inside to get some food from the pantry. All this nature admiring has made me hungry.

I grab two bags of chips and start walking back towards the deck when I hear a familiar voice. A voice that gives me goose bumps.

It’s him. I hear his voice.

“You’ve lost it girl”, my brain tells me. How can he be here? He’s supposed to be in London.

I start walking again when I hear Rashi’s brother Siddharth’s voice. I’m standing outside his room. “So when are you planning to come to Delhi?” He asks.

“Next week. I’ll be there for a month. I need a much deserved vacation. I’ve been working nonstop and they gave me just 5 days off for your wedding.  So now I’m going to just relax and not do anything but eat and sleep.”

I peep into Siddharth’s room and see that he’s having a video chat. And I see Vivek’s face on the Ipad screen.

Oh! My! God!

Does this mean Vivek is coming to India?

“Awesome. We could barely hang out together during the wedding madness. Just mail me all your flight details. I’ll pick you up from the airport.” I hear Siddharth reply.

My heart somersaults inside my chest and I try not to scream out of joy.

He’s coming! He’s actually coming to India. I can finally look at him in person. Swoon over his voice and fall in love with those eyes.

I obviously don’t know if I would be able to meet him or not but I assure my heart that if he’s here for a month, I’ll surely meet him some way.

I’m so happy I barely know what to think.

“Did you find gold in that bag of chips?” I hear Rashi’s voice call out to me.

“What?” I ask still dazed with all this joy.

“Then why the hell are you flashing such huge smiles?”

That is when I realize I’ve walked all the way to the deck without even realizing where I’m going.

“Pull yourself together girl. You’re acting like a nutcase.” My brain chides me.

I shake my head at her and give her those chips. I’m far too excited to be hungry now. She digs right into them.

He’s just a few days away.

And for me, these few days are going to feel like a lifetime.


Heat Waves And Vacation Dreams



If you go by the temperature in Delhi, we are all going to be fried like eggs in no time. It’s literally 49 degree Celsius out there and if god forbid you sit in your car which was parked in the sunlight then god save you.

I literally felt like my skin was blistering this morning. I opened all windows and switched on the a/c to full blast to get the god damn ‘green house effect heat’ out of my car.

I’v switched to linen pants and cotton churidars because my regular jeans and trousers would probably just burn my skin. :-/

And to say nothing of the frequent power cuts that Delhi is facing these days. Imagine such high temperatures and just a fan over your head to cool you.

Days like these make me feel like running away from Delhi and coming back in the winters. Like the birds. Except that they run away from winter’s and I’m running away from summer’s.

Vacation is a luxury for us because my dad is adamant that we would all go together as a family and he can barely leave office because the work load is literally killing us.

The hills are calling my name but I’m trapped in office and can barely get enough time to even go out with friends, forget about going away for a few days for recreation. So I’m consoling myself with going through old pictures of me when we went on vacations and the above picture is one of my favorite’s!

It was taken when I was about six months old and my parents took me for my first visit to the hills. This place was ‘Kempti Falls’ in Mussoorie. It’s a water fall in the middle of the hills and is a great place to be in summer’s because the water is from melted ice caps and is the perfect respite from the heat.

The water was chilling cold and my dad made me stand in the water and my expression clearly shows how much I’m enjoying it while I look up to him and smile. 🙂

I obviously don’t remember anything of those times but these picture’s show me how much fun it would have been to be there.

Now Mussoorie or most of the hill stations are too crowded because of the exploding population and the growing urbanization that you can barely feel like being in a hill station to relax. You have to go higher up on the hills to get some peace and quite.

I’m after my dad’s life to try and take out some time so that we can go somewhere but it seems a futile task. I can see how much work there is and taking a few days off is going to be really tough.  😦

So I’m trying to be content with these old pictures and praying that somehow dad can take some time off and we can all go for a vacation.

Oh! And I’m also praying that we get the monsoon as early as possible so that we get respite from this killing heat wave that we are facing these days. 😛




Happy Winter’s And A New Look


So Christmas is just around the corner and the entire world is gearing up for it. Unfortunately, Northern India is not so excited about Christmas because of a very little Christian population. Christmas fever her begins around 20th of December, is at it’s peak on the 24th and 25th (obviously) and cools down by 27th. So it’s actually just a 3-4 days deal here and people are more psyched about new year’s!  

I have a lot of relatives in USA and London and they are all raving on and on about how everyone is so excited about Christmas and there are tree’s that are decorated and it’s all festive.

Words can not describe how jealous I am because for some reason unknown to me, I love Christmas! And it kills me to see that Delhi is taking it so lightly. It’s a bigger deal in the south of India because of a greater Christian population there but here is all dull. 😦

And to top it all, an aunt of mine called from Virginia last night and said they just had a snowfall there! It’s not even foggy in Delhi till now and it’s snowing there! I want to sob uncontrollably but I control myself because I’m sitting in office and there is absolutely nothing I can do to make it snow here.

The only thing I can control is what I wear. So screw everyone, who does not care about Christmas. I’m going to dress up all festive in pretty red’s and look my winter best. 

Also I changed my blog’s theme and now I have a cute snowman up there which makes me smile. I love Christmas and I’m going to go all out and enjoy the season. 🙂

So a very happy winter’s everyone. Enjoy the festive season!!

Never Underestimate The Underdog

Delhi just had one of the most iconic elections in it’s history with a more than ever awakened public and youth which was willing to use the power of their vote.

So yesterday, the results came out and it blew everybody away. At least it blew the current government away. The present government had been in power for the past 15 years. Yes, it did get get the development in Delhi going on and created a good infrastructure, but the public tends to remember all your failures more than it would ever remember your victories. 

The current government lost anything that they built in the past 15 years in a matter of months because of their innumerable corruption reports, their insensitive approach towards the horrible law and order situation towards women and the sky high prices of even the basic of amenities like vegetables.

Despite the tarnished image, the government came out all high and proud in the elections, claiming to be still the favourite amongst the people and they were sure they would again come into power.

What they did not notice or did not wish to notice was that how the opposition had placed a very strong leader as their next prime minister candidate and the country looked up to him and appreciated the massive development he had done in his state where currently he is the chief minster.

So the opposition came out even more sure of their victory, and had a glowing campaign for the elections.

But what these both parties did not realise was that the public was sick of their unfulfilled promises and had found a completely new man to make lives better for them. A person who could be the honest leader that they had wanted for years. The man was Arvind Kejriwal.

And this man came out all guns blazing in the elections. He stood up for honesty and the people of Delhi went all out to support him. His campaigns were crisp and clear and he without chewing any words clearly stated all the facts about his party and all the misdeed about the current government and the opposition party.

With a broom as his election symbol, he did sweep away the elections and claimed 28 seats out of the 70 that were being contested. And this is huge for a person who was debuting in politics that that too against the biggies. People all over Delhi waited with bated breath to see who would emerge victorious, and even though Kejriwal’s party could not get a majority, the seats he won made sure that nobody could gain a majority.

It’s a hung government in Delhi now with nobody getting a majority, so re-elections are a major possibility. But at least it made the politicians get up and take notice of the power of people who can at any given time kick the ass of government so bad that it would take them years to get back to where they left.

The newspaper today was filled with statements from the politicians who a couple of months back had out rightly stated that Arvind Kejriwal had no chance in politics, say that they had underestimated the man.

Yes, never underestimate the underdog. You may never realise when he pulls that carpet from below your feet making you fall flat on your face.  

Race Against Time- Part 2


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We were standing on the platform at 5 in the evening thinking we would catch the train.

If only I could explain to how the look uncle and my dad gave me and Mj. It was neither angry nor amused. I just couldn’t put a finger on what kind of expression it was.  And all this was because we had booked these tickets two months back and did not notice this huge  error.

After these two grown ups cribbed about “how the kids these days can do no job correctly” and ”it is a mistake to leave any job for us”, dad suggested that we catch the next bus that leaves for New Delhi. So we headed toward the inter state bus terminal. On the way we also tried our luck at finding any air tickets but all were sold out.

Me and Mj just quietly listened all the cribbing and vowed never to book another train ticket in our life. Well this vow was actually taken by Mj because according to uncle this was the third time he had made such an error. And the worst part is, dad and uncle had almost cancelled this trip so just me and Mj were supposed to come here. I just could not imagine what would have been their reaction to this blunder if it would have been just the two of us here.

We reached the bus terminal and booked our tickets for the bus that left Amritsar at 9:30 pm. Uncle and dad glared at us saying that we would have crossed more than half our journey by that time if we had not missed the train.

But now, there was nothing for us to do but wait around for another 4 hours before we boarded the bus. And the things that popped in my mind on hearing that were Pictures of the Gurudwara at night, Punjabi Jutti’s, and Amritsari fish fry.

Yeah sure I was upset and all about the train thing but the excitement of being able to spend another 4 hours in Amritsar was way more overpowering

So we took a rickshaw and headed back to the gurudwara where me n Mj happily clicked away for another one hour, and this time without being hurried along.

And then came the jutti’s. I went bonkers with all the designs and colours. (Tip- If you ever visit Amritsar, make sure you buy a pretty pair of embroidered jutti. They are beautiful. Oh! and for all those who don’t know this, Jutti’s are the Indian version of ballerina’s)

I would have spent a lot more time browsing through the various designs had I not been accompanied by three men who kept pointing to me that all looked same and I should hurry up and buy whichever I liked.

So I bought a beautiful pink pair and then we rushed to the supposedly best restaurant which served some great fish fry. To say we were disappointed would be an understatement. Iv had way much better fish fry in Delhi. We kept complaining about the fish only to discover that we were again late for the bus. And this time there was no rickshaw to take us to the terminal.

We could not spot a single rickshaw, and uncle suggested that we start walking towards the terminal and look for the rickshaw in the way. He said we should walk but believe me we ran. And we ran like people possessed. I bless my stars that we found a rickshaw within 3 minutes of running or else we would have to leave my dad behind because he really is not the running kind of person.

We reached the bus terminal in good time, found our bus and crashed into the reclining seats , hoping and praying that nobody sits behind us so that we can recline the seats as far as possible and  sleep all the way.

We could not. Because the bus was full and me n Mj just could not go to sleep, so we chatted all the way and fell asleep for like just two hours. We reached Delhi at 5 in the morning. And from the bus terminal we took an auto rickshaw to the railway station where we had parked our car and finally went back home. I don’t remember much after that cause I reached home, kept my bag on the side table and knocked out on my bed for the next 12 hours.

Welcome Winter’s!!!



And finally my favourite season is here! I always welcome winters with open arms. And now as the air starts getting chilly and it gets dark outside at 5:30 pm, I pull up my sleeves and dig out all my winter clothes that had been dumped in various corners of my house when summers came.

Now as I open different trunks and suitcases, I find the lovely jackets, cute sweaters, coats, hoodies, mittens and boots that would now adorn my cupboard for the next 4 months.

I so wish New Delhi had a snowfall. But since that would probably never happen (Actually I should not say never because global warming might just completely turn over the weather cycle and it may end up snowing in Delhi!), I console myself with my foggy breath, soups and hot chocolates. 🙂

Also, I can’t wait to get some lovely body butter’s. In summers they are like torture on my skin!

 Soon there would be Christmas cheer everywhere and the the markets would be filled with festive sales! Perfect time to indulge in some serious retail therapy!! 😛 

With the help of Pinterest, I’v put together a list of the things I absolutely love about winters.

Hot Tea


Winter Nails