What’s Meant To Be Will Always Find It’s Way



What is meant to be will always find way.

I’ve always had mixed feeling when I heard this quote. Does it mean that if something is meant to be, it will happen no matter how much I try and avoid it?

Does it mean that whatever plans I’ve made about my life and future are going to be futile just because it was not meant to be?

I might not be a wise old woman but I’ve had my fair share of experiences that have made me wonder whether all the panning and thinking I do really matters?

Like when I’ve worked hard and planned and basically done everything I could do to make something happen, but the completely opposite result came out. And surprisingly, it felt good.

But at times it broke my heart so bad that it took me days to overcome the grief.

I’m usually not the “too much thinking” type of a person so I try and take this in a positive way. No matter how hard I need to work for something, I tell myself that if it’s meant to come to me, it will find its way. It’s out there somewhere, lost in the big bad world. But I’ll wait for it no matter how long it takes.



Let’s Stop Over Thinking

We all think about stuff. Everyday tasks, our future, our crush, our miserable love life(OK, that’s probably just me). But I know and have seen people who can think on and on over the same thing and just not stop. And most of the time’s the problem they are pondering over isn’t even worth the effort.

Believe me I know people who can think about a stupid thing for ages and not come up with a solution, only to re think all that again and end grumbling about being stressed out. And when I look at such people I’m like “Whaaaaat!!”

I’m one of those people who would just not a give a damn to most of the things in this world. I would rather just chill and let things be. Yes, I sometimes get nervous and tensed about stuff, but that happens when the problem involved in actually pretty serious, like my career or my exams and stuff like that.

But people who over think about stuff like their clothes, or some co-worker or and random thing are beyond my understanding. Take my sister for instance. When we go out somewhere, she would get dressed and ask all of us like a million times(I’m not exaggerating this, she actually asks us a million times) as to whether her shoe’s match her dress, of is she looking too thin in the outfit(She is way too skinny and sometimes some clothes just make her look like a stick figure) or if her hair are looking fine.

After giving answers to her million questions, when you are ready to bang your head on the wall, she goes back to her room only to come out in a completely different outfit. That is when you literally want to just jump off the balcony before she starts asking you about this whole new look of her.

I sometimes wonder why people think so much. Like this one friend of mine who goes crazy when he has to ask a girl out on a date. “Should I ask her where she want’s to go”, “Would she like my wearing his shirt”, “Would her parents like me if we continued dating”, “I wonder how her family is”, “Maybe I should just ask her for coffee”, “Coffee during lunch hour or after work”, “Should I ask her her views and thoughts on long term relationships and marriage”…..


And when he finally asks the girl out, he probably freaks the girl out because his relationships have barely survived for more than a month. He has a string of failed relationships just because he just keeps thinking and thinking and thinking.

The problem with most people is that they keep thinking and planning their life. They just literally waste their time in trying to plan their life perfectly while life just happens in the background for them.

Sometimes it’s just good to not think anything and plan absolutely nothing for you or anybody around you. Just let things be and leave everything to destiny.

In the Indian culture, it is believed that everything that is going to happen in your life is already decided by god the moment you are born. Something like destiny. So everything is already decided. For example if it’s written in your destiny that you are going to marry some person then you will marry that person. And no matter how much you love somebody and want to marry him, but your destiny says that you are supposed to marry somebody else, then you can not marry your beloved, no matter how hard you try.

Oh! And this destiny thing works for your career too. Like my dad always say’s that he was born to be an engineer but destined to be a chartered accountant. Confusing, I know.

So it’s like no matter how much I want to do something, I’l end up doing what’s written in my destiny.

It’s a twisted concept but I’m cool with it as long as it keeps me from stressing from stupid stuff. But when it come in the way of my doing something, I just brush it aside. 😛

I’m the kind of person who never bother’s about stuff and just uses her brains for the bare essential and crucial things in life. And I find it pretty satisfying. It’s a relaxed life with minimum chances of my dying of diseases caused by stress.

I don’t know how this post is going to help anybody else, but maybe just try and not over think stuff. It is possible that the one thing you are stressing about so much ends up going away from you because you were too busy planning and plotting and thinking about it when it came to you.