The Inevitability Of It All

It’s the middle of the week and I’m randomly going through wedding pictures by various photographers, (because that’s a part of my job!) while on the phone with my friend coordinating about what all to pack for our bestie’s wedding this weekend. There are clothes, jewelry, shoes, make up and what not to pack!!!

And while we are figuring out all this and making lists, it suddenly hits me again that my best friend is getting married! I say again because for 3 months I was in denial about her wedding.

Don’t get me wrong. I am super happy for this girl and she deserves all the happiness in this world. It’s just that we have come such a long way from freaking out over economics assignments in high school to actually shopping for  her wedding.

It’s so surreal. Searching for that perfect border for the sari, preparing dances, and making elaborate lists of what all to pack. And all this for the girl who I have known for almost a decade. She is legit like my sister.

What makes it hard for me is that she is going to move countries after her wedding. So while we would be in Delhi, she is moving to New York with her husband.

There are preparations going on around the clock and trust me wedding in India are  BIG deal. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of celebration and it’s hangover will remain forever in your mind.

I knew all this was going to happen some day. But it hits you so hard when you see such things actually happening around you. We all would obviously get married and get settled in life but all this really happening is kind of unsettling for me. All of this feels like a dream. I’m still trying to make myself believe that yes all this is really happening. Yes, she is getting married. Yes, she is going to move countries. Yes, all this is was supposed to happen.

It was all inevitable and it’s happening. And was supposed to happen. And it’s all for the best.

So I’m packing up my work and heading to get the best manicure I possibly can get because hello!!!! It’s my best friends wedding!!!!

And I can’t wait for the party to begin!

Listening To Your Heart


I sometimes really wish my life had a reverse button, so that I can go back in time and maybe do things a little differently. Take a different decision, or be a little more compassionate to some people or follow my heart without listening to what people said.

We all have dreams. From a dream profession to a dream wedding, we’v all been there and done that. We all have had that fire in our belly to just go and get that one thing we always dreamed of. And in many cases, that fire is extinguished by the many ‘well meaning’ friends, relatives and well wishers.

No matter what you do, there would always be people around you who would try and stop you from following your heart for lots of reasons. Some reasons are practical but some are just out rightly stupid and superstitious.

I’v actually had some people tell me not do something because my so called “stars” would not let me be successful in that field. I admit I’v been disheartened many a times by listening to such negative feedbacks and have at times listened to these ‘well meaning’ people and given up what I wanted to do.

 And now when I go into flash back and remember all those things, I regret my decision of not listening to my heart. The regret is not because I did not do something, it is because I did not even try to follow my heart. 

I now wonder If I had tried to do what my heart said, there could have been a good enough chance for me being happy. If only I had the courage to just let these people go to hell and dance my way to my dream. 

The point is, at every stage in your life when you are about to take any major decision, there would be endless people around you who will try and get you to change your mind. Listen to them all but always follow your heart.

I, with all my experience can tell you that the regret of not trying would hurt you way more than the pain of failure. Just follow your heart. There is plenty of time in life to follow what people around you say. They may make your life hell at times if you don’t listen to them (In my case these people are usually my parents :P), but don’t worry. Maybe you would fail and not get what you wanted. Maybe life has something even better for you than this.But at least give it one chance. 

Shut out any person who is trying to stop you. Because at the end of the day it was never between you and them. It was always been you and your dream.


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