An Ode To My Glasses

I can’t thank you enough

For all you’ve done for me,

It’s only because of you

That clearly I can see,

A decade has passed,

With you on my nose

And without you my life

Is full of misery and woes,

I’ve bumped into things,

When you weren’t there,

You came into my life

With tender love and care

I’ve broken you numerous times

And forgotten you in the bus

But you always came back to me,

Without any drama or fuss

But today as we part ways,

This feeling is bitter sweet

You have always been my best friend

Be it winter rain or heat,

This is our last day together,

Tomorrow we part ways,

But you will always bring me a smile,

When I think back of our happy days

Adieu my dear glasses,

I bid farewell to thee

I shall forever love you

For you always helped me see