A Nation Awakens




For all of you who don’t know, today is a very important day in India. The election results came out today. Yes, the biggest democracy in the world formed a new government today while literally creating history.

A sweeping majority won by the new party, BJP who would now lead this nation comprising of over 1.2 billion people. People who after a long time came together and created history with their votes. I have never in my life seen this kind of result in my country. States which have never shown any sign of voting for BJP ever have supported it. And all this because of one man who emerged as the hero figure all throughout the elections and today is proudly presented to the people as the next Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

This man had given the people of India a hope to turn our nation into a far more developed and progressed nation than what it is now. It pains me to say this but India at this point of time is literally down the dumps. The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. The cities are progressing and the villages are getting more and more backwards.

If you look at the major cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai, you would probably think India is actually on it’s way to become the next super power as is said by the various survey’s around the world. But take one look at any person living in village of some of the lesser developed states, and you would bless the lord for all the blessings he has given you.

That is the stark contrast India has. A country which is even after nearly 67 years of Independence is considered as a third world country, solely because the the government was far too busy filling it’s own pockets with all the black money at it could find.

India was called the ‘Golden Bird’ prior to the British rule. That was because it was said to be so rich in resources that there were hardly any poor people there.

I still consider this country as the golden bird. We still have the same resources and riches, but they are now concentrated in a few hands. Even a lower class person would have some gold in his name. Gold. The one metal that has almost a godly place in our culture. Earlier it was all out in the open. Now it is hidden, stored away and kept in bank lockers.

There are still people who don’t have a proper roof over their heads, and good food to eat. And then there are people who have 3 BMW’s, 2 Audi’s and 1 Jaguar. This is a case of a family of 5 people. 5 people, 6 cars.

Narendra Modi is coming to power in India in a way like Mr. Barack Obama came to power in the USA. USA was gripped by recession and he was given the task to pull it out of it. Modi is facing a similar situation in India. The country in showing a very low GDP. The value of rupee has declined way below normal against the US dollar. And the list of scams and corruptions is probably longer that my height.

The nation has voted for a man who has proved himself a good minister by making the state of Gujarat, of which he was the chief minister a model of development.

Yes, the task is herculean, but the people of India have put all their hopes and dreams on this man. They have put aside all the regional parties which nearly always just create mischief when any important decision is to be taken and given this man a clear sweeping majority. Let’s hope that this awakening takes India forward and makes it a far more prosperous country.



Never Underestimate The Underdog

Delhi just had one of the most iconic elections in it’s history with a more than ever awakened public and youth which was willing to use the power of their vote.

So yesterday, the results came out and it blew everybody away. At least it blew the current government away. The present government had been in power for the past 15 years. Yes, it did get get the development in Delhi going on and created a good infrastructure, but the public tends to remember all your failures more than it would ever remember your victories. 

The current government lost anything that they built in the past 15 years in a matter of months because of their innumerable corruption reports, their insensitive approach towards the horrible law and order situation towards women and the sky high prices of even the basic of amenities like vegetables.

Despite the tarnished image, the government came out all high and proud in the elections, claiming to be still the favourite amongst the people and they were sure they would again come into power.

What they did not notice or did not wish to notice was that how the opposition had placed a very strong leader as their next prime minister candidate and the country looked up to him and appreciated the massive development he had done in his state where currently he is the chief minster.

So the opposition came out even more sure of their victory, and had a glowing campaign for the elections.

But what these both parties did not realise was that the public was sick of their unfulfilled promises and had found a completely new man to make lives better for them. A person who could be the honest leader that they had wanted for years. The man was Arvind Kejriwal.

And this man came out all guns blazing in the elections. He stood up for honesty and the people of Delhi went all out to support him. His campaigns were crisp and clear and he without chewing any words clearly stated all the facts about his party and all the misdeed about the current government and the opposition party.

With a broom as his election symbol, he did sweep away the elections and claimed 28 seats out of the 70 that were being contested. And this is huge for a person who was debuting in politics that that too against the biggies. People all over Delhi waited with bated breath to see who would emerge victorious, and even though Kejriwal’s party could not get a majority, the seats he won made sure that nobody could gain a majority.

It’s a hung government in Delhi now with nobody getting a majority, so re-elections are a major possibility. But at least it made the politicians get up and take notice of the power of people who can at any given time kick the ass of government so bad that it would take them years to get back to where they left.

The newspaper today was filled with statements from the politicians who a couple of months back had out rightly stated that Arvind Kejriwal had no chance in politics, say that they had underestimated the man.

Yes, never underestimate the underdog. You may never realise when he pulls that carpet from below your feet making you fall flat on your face.