So Sleepy…


I am so sleepy. Half the day passed and I’m still so drowsy! This usually happens in the mornings to me. Winter mornings especially. I come to my office and the first thing I need is a cup of green tea.

But today I’v had like 3 cups already,splashed water on my face,listened to peppy music, played games and what not! Iv done everything in my power to knock out this drowsiness but I just can’t. 

I’m thinking of having coffee but for some weird reason, coffee starts having its effect on me after 10 hours!!(Seriously I don’t understand the deal between my body and coffee). So if I drink coffee now, I’l probably be insomniac by 2 in the morning which would totally suck cause then I’l be sleepy again tomorrow in office!!!

*Feeling so pissed off I might just burst into hysterical tears*