Man Proposes, God Disposes

When I was 8 years old, I wanted to be a navy officer. When I was 13, I wanted to be a botanist. By the time I was 16, I wanted to be a chartered accountant. And till about a couple of years back that was all I was striving to be. But there was something else that had caught my fancy by then.

We had a digital camera which I loved. I clicked hundred’s of pictures of anything and everything. So much so that the camera was so overused, the camera company actually asked me how many pictures had I taken with it! They were surprised when I told them the grand figure. The poor camera never worked again. It’s still lying in my cupboard as my first camera.

That was when it struck me how much I enjoyed clicking pictures. But just because I loved clicking pictures did not mean I could make a career shift. No. My parents were pretty adamant that things like photography and writing should remain as a hobby in your life. Its a professional degree alone that would help you in making a living.

So learning photography and it’s techniques was out of question. I continued with my studies while I started saving all my pocket money. For nearly a year, I did not spend a penny on me. I didn’t go out with friends much, didn’t go shopping I just saved every damn penny I had. And on my 22nd birthday I finally gifted myself a D.S.L.R. camera. Oh! the joy of actually realising that you have brought something you wanted so badly.

And the irony of my life was, that when I planned to be a photographer, some twists and turns in my life made me end up being a law student.

We plan everything in our life. We make a bucket list of the “things we want to do before so and so time”. But  how many of these plans do we actually follow. I don’t know if it happens to everyone but every time I plan something about my life, the complete opposite happens with me. And then some years later I think about all the plans I made that never came to anything fruitful.

It has happened with my friends. They planned everything. Followed it meticulously  and just as they were about to get the mission completed, a single incident changed the entire course of their lives.

So if it happens every time with us, then why do we even bother planning? Why don’t we just let fate and god do whatever they think is right and just sit back and enjoy?

When I asked my bestie this question, she said that it’s simple, because life gives us an opportunity to improvise our plans and make the best of all that we have. In simple terms, life would throw truck loads of lemons at us, but it’s up to us whether we make lemonade out of it or let them rot on our head.

Hmm…she has a point. I may have not made lemonade every time and had let everything fall apart at times, but there have always been times when Iv gone ahead and made a whole new cocktail! So yeah, maybe planning is something we all need to do so that those plans end up being the sugar in our lemonade.

Planning gives us a path to walk where life can throw hundred’s of surprises and let us make a complete utter fool of ourselves. So if we don’t plan, we wont have a path to walk on and that would be like wasting your life!

But at the end, I believe that all these surprises help us learn how to avoid being fooled by life. And so the next time we get lemons, we may just improvise our plans and make a lemon cheesecake of it! 😀