She read those lines again. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she lightly kissed the piece of paper that was more precious to her than her own life.

I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me. I try but words have failed me.”

She remembered how they used to talk for hours. Unlike other people, they never needed something to talk about. The conversation always flowed. And yet there was nothing that could describe the love they had for each other.

I remember the first time we met. I can still hear the bangles jingling on your arms.”

They met at a friend’s engagement where they bumped into each other and she spilled her drink on his shirt.  Who knew that one disastrous meeting would lead these two to something so beautiful.

I have no idea how you feel. But all I can say is that I have fallen madly and hopelessly in love with you. I tried to push this idea away thinking that it was nothing but infatuation. But over time I have seen that nothing makes me happy until unless I have you to share it with. You are the reason for my happiness.

There was something that just clicked with these two. Completely opposite of each other in tastes and personalities, they were the perfect example of opposites attract.

I know that writing all this to you may seem a little melodramatic. But every time you are in front of me, I lose all my courage.”

He was supposed to meet her at their favorite coffee place. She waited 3 hours for him, but he never came. She got in her car, furious at him for not showing up when she got that cursed call.

He had met with an accident. A drunk driver had hit his car and he was rushed to the hospital in acrtical state he had sustained multiple injuries to his head.

I don’t know how and when it happened but every time I think of you, I picture our lives together.

After 16 hours of surgery, he lost his battle with life. It was like her soul had been sucked out of her. Like the world was closing in on her and she couldn’t breathe.

She had found this letter in his bag on the day of his funeral. He had never posted it

I love you so much. And I’ll love you till my last breath.”

She broke down every time she read these line. Fate never gave her the chance to love him back.

It’s So Freaking Cold!



I admit I love winter’s. I just completely, madly, unconditionally love it. But this year it seems like the weather is just in a wickedly playful mood because it’s getting way too cold for my comfort. I mean I love layering and wearing all these cute mufflers and scarves and beanies, but now I have to wear so many clothes if I have to step out of my place that I can barely walk  .

And to say nothing of the fog. A few days back, me and my friend were going to college and it was so foggy that we missed a turn and went half a mile  in the wrong direction. It was when we reached a flyover that we realised that we are not where we want to be. I blessed Google for it awesome maps. Had it not been for Google maps, we would have reached some other state. And the the helpful policeman who showed us the right way. 

My friends from the US say that it is so freakishly cold out there that if they stand in their garden for like 2 minute’s, they fear they might turn into a  snowman. 

It’s not that bad in Delhi but I’m sitting bang in the front of the radiator and I still feel cold.

And all I can think of is maybe make a huge pot of chamomile tea and just dive into it.