‘I Saw Death So Close’



                                                                   I SAW DEATH SO CLOSE


This post is probably just a way to vent out my anger but I have absolutely no words which could describe the anguish and pain I feel when I hear all this news about the Peshawar attacks. I mean in my country every time there is a terrorist attack all you hear is “These Muslims want to kill all Hindu’s”, or “It’s all Pakistan’s conspiracy. It wants to ruin India.”. But after what happened yesterday, I believe it’s high time that we stop blaming the Hindu’s or the Muslim’s for such cowardly acts. These people have no religion. For that matter, they are hardly behaving like humans!

And for all those who keep saying that Pakistan is to be blamed for every terrorist attack, well there you go. These cowards went out and killed innocents in Pakistan.

The majority of causalities yesterday were kids! Innocent children who went to school. This is NOT about India or Pakistan anymore. It’s about humanity.

These terrorists apparently wanted to take revenge from the army. Well if you want to revenge the god damn army then fight with the army! Killing children does not make you brave or in any way makes you superior. It shows what lowly living beings you are.

And I’m sure Islam DOES NOT in any way tells you to kill innocents in the name of god or religion.  This is not Islam. It’s not any religion. It’s just inhuman.

If you read the article that I’v linked above, you’l see just how barbarically these bastards went on and killed children, aiming to kill maximum. And no, I’m not going to mind my language on a public platform for such mother f******s.

A video clip of a father wailing and screaming that his child left home in the morning in a uniform, and is now coming back in a kafan (Shroud)  is forever going to be etched in my memory.

I express my heartfelt condolences to all the parents and family members of the kids who lost their lives yesterday.

May their souls rest in peace.