The Anti-Bucket List

I have a fairly long bucket list of things I want to do. In fact my list do things to do before I die is so long I think it might take me 7 lives to cross everything out. You can find a mini version of my list here

But today as I sat in my freezing office and tried to warm my toes in front of the radiator, much to the irritation of my dad, I made my Anti Bucket List. The list of things I would never do in my life. At least if I remain in my senses I’l never do it.

So here goes.

1. I will never smoke. I tried once, but a single puff was enough to make me cough my lungs out and swear to god that I would never ever in my life smoke.

2. I will never stop behaving crazy. I’l be mature around boring people but when I’m on my own and with close friends, I’l be the craziest possible  even when I’m seventy and use a stick to walk.

3. Never drive a bike without a helmet. I’v had a close shave experience and it made me bless the person who invented helmets. Believe me. It feels awesome to feel the wind in your hair, but you would never want your skull open and the inside stuff splattered on the road.

4. Get plastic surgery. I know I am no beauty queen but I’m still pretty darn gorgeous. (At least to my eyes 😛 ) I wont risk changing anything on my body.

5. Get a pixie cut. I’m not against short hair but I’m pretty sure that my large head would look even larger in such short hair. My hair, even though not the silkiest, shiniest or lustrous of all, are still pretty much the only thing that can save me from looking like ET.

6. Let go off my passions. Even if I end up not making a living out of it and be a professional, I’l still be following my passion as a hobby.

7. Do any kind of drugs. I’m already pretty crazy, so I don’t need any artificial stuff that would make my life miserable.

8. Date a co-worker– I’v seen people who work together date, but if and when it ends, it just creates a lot of mess because you have to deal with each other everyday and being professional at such times can be really tough.

9. Get a tattoo. I just don’t understand why would anybody want to scar their body for life? I don’t mind any one else getting it. But there isn’t enough alcohol or drugs in the world that could get me to scar my body.

10. And last but definitely not the least, I would never ever buy a pair of high heeled sneakers like the one in the image below.This picture is actually what gave me the idea to create an Anti Bucket List.  They are neither comfortable like sneakers nor classy like heels. So why the hell would anybody make these. If any of you like them then please go ahead and buy a pair but I would run 10 miles in the opposite direction wherever I see them. 

High Heeled sneakers