The jeweler had put out a plethora of options. But there was only one ring that had caught her fancy. A single solitaire mounted on a carved platinum band. There was nothing flashy about it. It was a simple elegant ring. She slipped it onto her finger and admired how pretty it looked.

“That is brilliant”, said a voice behind her. She turned and saw the look of sheer admiration on his face. This was the ring. They both knew it.

She had come here with her best friend to find a ring for his to be fiancée. Her best friend, who also happened to be the love of her life. It had taken unspeakable strength on her part to come with him here.

He took the ring from her and looked closely at it.

“I plan to get our initials carved inside this ring. Will she like it?” He asked.

“Of course she will! More than the ring, it’s your proposal that will sweep her off her feet”, she replied smiling.

“Great. I’m buying this one.”

He walked away smiling, without noticing the tears in her eyes that were rapidly blinked away.