Never The Good Girl

She was always the dark secret,

Mysterious and quite,

She threw away all social clichés

And did what she thought was right,

Black was her color,

She wore it every day,

A hardworking soul,

Never letting her focus fray,

She was friends with lots of people

But reserved with most of them,

And very few could actually see,

That her heart was a pure gem,

Never the corporate slave,

Unconventionally she worked,

She was aware of all the stares,

That around her lurked,

Scotch was her poison,

And she loved an occasional drink,

She never bothered about society,

And never let her confidence shrink,

She was always brutally honest

Always speaking from her heart,

Her words always hit the target,

Like a perfectly aimed dart,

She was never the hypocrite,

And did what she love,

She kept the social rules beneath her

And her pride and honor above,

For the society, she was the bad apple,

Because she chose to break the rules,

Always followed her heart to the T,

Instead of becoming a social mule,

She knew people talked of her,

And tagged her as the “Bad Girl”,

But nobody ever bothered to see,

That her soul was pure like a pearl.