The Search

He always wondered why people were so fascinated by the concept of love. He had always been wary of that feeling. He thought of it as a weakness. And everybody who knew him was aware of the fact that he hated weakness of any sort.

For him, the search was never for a lover. No. Love was temporary. You could always fall out of love with someone. What he wanted was something deeper. Something that gave meaning to him and his existence. Someone who would not be a part of the crowd.

Most people just become what they hear and see. He wanted somebody without the mask that everybody wore to please the world. He wanted something pure and raw. Somebody who was made from the same fire like he was. Not a lover, but a soulmate. Who saw in him what nobody else could see.

Somebody who would understand that behind all the complications, was a simplicity that he had hidden from the world. He wanted somebody who would stand by him. He wanted somebody who would kill him with the fierceness in her eyes. He wanted somebody who would take away from him everything that he ever held close to his heart, and still make him feel complete.

He wanted to be destroyed and be born again. He wanted to be filled with somebody’s laughter. He wanted to melt in somebody’s arms and kiss so deeply that it sucked out his soul.

And in all that he wanted, love was what he was most afraid of….