Frustration Quotient is on the rise!

People in India are becoming a more frustrated lot. The frustration quotient (FQ) is growing by the day, the biggest growth being registered in Metropols.

Quick clarification before the unwanted critics stand up to question me: the FQ is on a rise but that doesn’t mean that everybody is losing it by every passing day. It’s just on an average, Indians are getting frustrated.

One of the major reasons, often overlooked, is the problem of road travel. That is where most people are shit faced, either really constipated or really passed off with life in general. But why? Think about it, how much of your time do you spend travelling to office? A survey puts the average commuting time in Mumbai at 47.26 minutes; Delhi at 42.96; Bangalore at 37.91; Chennai at 36.08; Hyderabad at 33.82 and Pune at 30.87 minutes.

Combine this with constant honking, cratered roads, traffic jams, not having a hot girl sitting next to you when the others are enjoying the company of one, the issues of call drops while travelling and I am surprised why people are not killing each other on the streets.

Another major reason is the everyday struggle; the need to fight for everything : no place to sit in Metros and local trains, excessive congestion at toll plazas and on top of that people cutting you at these junctions,  the need to give bribe for everything. You want to escape this hustle, where do you go? Religious places! Boom, what do you find there; people and lots of them; another struggle.

Also demographically we are losing it. Delhites are angry with the local goons,  jaats and gurjars ; Mumbaikars are angry with the exorbitant property prices,  Madrasis and Bangaloreans are pissed off at the auto waalas not abiding the meter prices,  Gujjus and Keralites are unhappy because of no liquor shops.

Only Modiji is happy :).

Just to give it a perspective, the happiest country in the world is Denmark and the reasons stated are: strong social support system, freedom to live as one please and low perceived business and government corruption. No correlation:), just saying!

Other notable reasons for the Top 10 happiest countries: charitable giving (Netherlands, Australia), stick to traditions (Bhutan), support of friends and relatives.

What has all this led to? You see such cold people everywhere, people just not willing to let go of small issues. That is why  you need advertisements and campaigns to tell people that they should make way for an ambulance, give seats to woman and old people in Metros. The worst is when you see the word ‘Relax’ inscribed on Red Lights. I mean do you really think all this would be required if we were not all about ourselves, basking in our own glory of stupidity, churned out of frustration?

Because of this growing tension, you see businesses flourishing that help you release stress : yog gurus,  art of living, corporate stress control trainings, company that sells the ‘Relax’ stickers for Traffic lights. The number of devotees at religious places is increasing, hell the comedy shows are a big hit, all this because people have realized the need to relax and they can go do anything to get that 30 minutes of stress-free environment. Remember that video showing a bunch of people dancing in a Mumbai traffic jam? Goes to prove my point!

Chill people! It’s ok to be late by 2 minutes, it’s ok to stand in a line and look civilized instead of trying to cut others and getting in a fight, it’s ok to help a needy, it’s ok to just let go of petty things and think about your frustration level for once. After all it has worked for other countries!





What is happiness??

According to Wikipedia, Happiness is a mental or emotional state of Well-being  characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Everybody will have different interpretations of the above definition. For me happiness is that state of calm when I want nothing more from life.

I recently read an article on stress management that said to avoid stress taking a toll on you, you should find sometime every week for yourself and do things that make you happy. Now even though thankfully I’m far from being stressed out due to my utter lack of interest in anything remotely serious 😛  ,the article inspired me to list down all the things that make me happy. So here is my list of top 10 things that bring me ultimate happiness!

1. My camera:  Oh! the joy that I feel every time I pick up my beloved camera. Pure unadulterated  contentment rushes through my veins when this baby is in my hands. Whenever I am pissed out I pick my camera and forget the world. Thrown in a good location and nice weather and I achieve nirvana!


2. Balloons: Yes, you heard right. Balloons. I know it makes no sense for a girl my age to be excited about something as kiddish as balloons but I jump and squeal like a six year old every time I see balloons, much to the embarrassment of anybody who is with me at that time. 😉


3. Chocolate:  A new study shows that eating dark chocolate may lower levels of stress hormones in people feeling stressed out.Researchers found that eating the equivalent of one average-sized dark chocolate candy bar each day for two weeks reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol as well as the “fight-or-flight” hormones known as catecholamines in highly stressed people.

Need I say more??? 🙂


4. Extra Sleep In The Morning: I’m sure everybody would agree with me on this one. Who does not like that 5 minute extra sleep after you throw away your alarm clock( I don’t know about others but I literally throw away the poor alarm clock). And when you realise that those 5 minutes can be extended to an hour, the joy is indescribable.


5. Going out with friends: I have been blessed with some really good friends. Yes there are a couple of jerks as well but then you need them to add a dash of excitement in life. Having lunch with my besties, while we all crib and complaint of everything that’s going wrong in life  is the best possible way for me to be happy.


6. Talking to myself: I know that certifies me as crazy but then there are times when nobody can understand how you feel. In such times I happily talk to myself much to the amazement and horror of people around me.

Talking to selfjpg

7. Subway(The Sandwich Place) : A simple Veggie Delight sandwich with extra chilli and mayonnaise spells happiness for me.


8. Shopping: Though I’m a big big miser and usually don’t spend money without calculating and comparing every possible store and item, there are times when retail therapy is the only thing that can keep me sane. So I call up my cousin (Who btw has an awesome sense of style and thus is my stylist) and we go around mall-hopping.


9. Sitcoms: ‘Friends’, “The Big Bang Theory”, “Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai” are some of the sitcoms that can light up any dull day.


10. Music: Earphones in. Favourite song. Volume up. Forget the world