Heat Waves And Vacation Dreams



If you go by the temperature in Delhi, we are all going to be fried like eggs in no time. It’s literally 49 degree Celsius out there and if god forbid you sit in your car which was parked in the sunlight then god save you.

I literally felt like my skin was blistering this morning. I opened all windows and switched on the a/c to full blast to get the god damn ‘green house effect heat’ out of my car.

I’v switched to linen pants and cotton churidars because my regular jeans and trousers would probably just burn my skin. :-/

And to say nothing of the frequent power cuts that Delhi is facing these days. Imagine such high temperatures and just a fan over your head to cool you.

Days like these make me feel like running away from Delhi and coming back in the winters. Like the birds. Except that they run away from winter’s and I’m running away from summer’s.

Vacation is a luxury for us because my dad is adamant that we would all go together as a family and he can barely leave office because the work load is literally killing us.

The hills are calling my name but I’m trapped in office and can barely get enough time to even go out with friends, forget about going away for a few days for recreation. So I’m consoling myself with going through old pictures of me when we went on vacations and the above picture is one of my favorite’s!

It was taken when I was about six months old and my parents took me for my first visit to the hills. This place was ‘Kempti Falls’ in Mussoorie. It’s a water fall in the middle of the hills and is a great place to be in summer’s because the water is from melted ice caps and is the perfect respite from the heat.

The water was chilling cold and my dad made me stand in the water and my expression clearly shows how much I’m enjoying it while I look up to him and smile. 🙂

I obviously don’t remember anything of those times but these picture’s show me how much fun it would have been to be there.

Now Mussoorie or most of the hill stations are too crowded because of the exploding population and the growing urbanization that you can barely feel like being in a hill station to relax. You have to go higher up on the hills to get some peace and quite.

I’m after my dad’s life to try and take out some time so that we can go somewhere but it seems a futile task. I can see how much work there is and taking a few days off is going to be really tough.  😦

So I’m trying to be content with these old pictures and praying that somehow dad can take some time off and we can all go for a vacation.

Oh! And I’m also praying that we get the monsoon as early as possible so that we get respite from this killing heat wave that we are facing these days. 😛





The Daylight Insomniac


I’m a daylight insomniac. That is because I have the sleep cycle of an owl. I’m wide awake with all my senses on alert at night and I laze around all day at work trying to stifle down my yawns because then everybody complains that looking at me makes them feel sleepy!!

So all the night I keeping trying to get some sleep but instead as the night gets darker, my sleep starts vanishing, and I end up being an insomniac at 2 in the morning. There have been tons of things that I tried to get myself to sleep at an appropriate hour but all of them were a massive failure.

I’v tried having warm milk before I go to bed. Avoided all kinds of caffeine, worked myself to death so that I drop dead tired on my bed, I even tried reading our constitution but none of them worked. 

So every night I end up being wide awake which results in my being totally sloshed at work. 

People usually ask me what do I do when I am up at night. And while I try and answer this question to the best of my abilities, they start suggesting me things that I can do. Like some say I should get all my pending work done, or iron my clothes or think what I want to wear to work tomorrow and save time in the morning. I always nod and give a thoughtful expression to them so that they stop bugging me. I try and do all that people suggest me but actually here’s what I end up doing :

1. Look around my room and think I really need to clean it.

2. Then think ‘What the hell, I’l do it some other night’.

3. Take out my I-pad and randomly watch videos on you tube.(Wedding videos are my current obsession) 

4. After an hour of watching videos gets bored and start watching random episodes of Friends, HIMYM, Big Bang theory, or at times even Mahabharat.

5. Take out my camera and think ‘I’l click some pictures of the calm night’ only to realise that there are bats flying outside which scare the shit outta me. (There is a family of bats in the garden that my house faces.)

6. Open the fridge to find something to eat. Stand there for like 15 minutes and then walk back to the cupboard where all the biscuits and cookies are kept and stuff my face with them.

7. After finishing 8 packs of cookies realise that you were supposed to be on a no sugar diet and in that guilt eat another pack of chocolate chip cookies.

8.Lie down thinking that is the only way to sleep, only to end up staring at the fan for like an hour.

9. Wondering whether I should call one of my bestie and ask her to help me get some sleep.

10. Open Facebook and stalk all my high school friends profiles.

11. Look at the clock and realise it’s 6 in the morning so I should actually get some sleep now. Fall asleep the moment my head hits the pillow and wake up at 10 only to realise that I’m late for work. Again.